Chinese Puzzle

This story was referred to (and attached as a Word document) in the What is your bondage or self-bondage dream? thread. For convenience I’m republishing it separately.

We both enjoy adding a great deal of interesting costume to our play. I love the sight of her in extreme heels and tightly-laced old fashioned corsets, as well as bound and helpless. She loves these things, as well as anything else that presses, squeezes, or otherwise molds her, and adds to her tactile overload or general level of frustration. Thus, we’ve accumulated a great storehouse of toys over the years, from a variety of shoes with heels in varying heights, to several custom made corsets (there are very few manufacturers left, and the prices can be outrageous) with waists from 19″ to 22″ (including one that is knee-length), rubber stockings, skirts, and so on, and a very large drawerful of cuffs, collars and padlocks. All these things see a good amount of use!

One of our favorite activities is what I call the “Chinese puzzle” bondage. It takes a bit of planning, but the end results are most rewarding for both of us. I strive to never do quite the same thing twice, so I’ll just describe the most recent version.

We begin the play with her naked, standing in the bedroom. I first apply her scold’s bridle, which has a nice large ball gag. It buckles in the back, and I fasten it in place with the first padlock. The key to this padlock I tape into the palm of her right hand. I then put one of her calf gloves on (these extend almost up to the shoulder, and fasten at the wrist very tightly with four buttons) which nicely secures the key into her hand. I then put one of our 3″ locking wrist cuffs on over the glove, which nicely covers the buttons, making it impossible to remove without first getting the cuff off. The key to this cuff I tape into the palm of her left hand, followed by the other glove and cuff. At this point she is gagged and gloved, and beginning to show some signs of anticipation.

One wonderful thing about the gloves (that will come into play most frustratingly later) is that they make it very difficult indeed to handle the keys to these padlocks (none of the keys is over 1 inch long, and some are only half that). The key to her left cuff I tape to the inside of her leather collar, which is about 4″ wide at the front and tapers down to 2 1/2″ at the rear. I fasten this on her neck, which makes her hold her head up very straight. I fasten this in place with another padlock.

The collar key I tape to the bottom of her right foot, right under the heel. I then put one of her rubber stockings on, smoothing it up her leg as I go. On her foot, I place one of the prizes of our collection, a 6″ heel pump with a 2″ wide locking ankle strap. This I lock on, and tape the key to the bottom of her left foot, followed by the stocking and the other matching shoe.

This is the part that really starts to get her attention. The 6″ heels are very high for her (she has size 7 1/2 feet), but she has to stand even further up on her toes to keep the keys from pressing into her heels. She says that she loves the sensation, and also the tightness and warm coolness of the stockings. Needless to say, with the shoes locked on, she can’t get to the keys under her heels.

The key to her left shoe I tape to the inside of the busk on her corset, and fasten it around her and begin lacing. True tight-lacers know that you can’t just squeeze in a corset all at once, but rather you must do it in easy stages. Thus, this phase takes about half an hour, as we reduce her waist from its normal 25″ to 20″ or so over the corset.

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  1. This account is from “The Bottiers” – who posted it to usenet newsgroups in the 1990s before the web layer even existed.

  2. And yes, it was cut off early. After the rest of the bondage is described, the author notes “The key to the first lock is under the pillow”, or something like that.

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