Figure skating and shiny pantyhose

Was checking news on and stumbled upon this photo from the Dutch version of the “Ice Age” (“Sterren Dansen op het IJs”). Just in case, the girl in shiny pantyhose and shiny leotard/swimsuit is Ally Hornsby.

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5 thoughts on “Figure skating and shiny pantyhose”

  1. Why do lady ice-skaters have such amazing legs?

    Brings back memories of hiding an erection whilst watching Olympic or European ice-skating competitions on TV with parents all those years ago… 🙂


  2. Ha! Yes! I remember how I was starving for shiny tights and tight swimsuits/leotards when I was watching figure skating (at 7-8-9-10… yo) I remember how much efforts it costed me to keep my mouth closed and not mention their clothes while talking to my (grand)parents.

  3. only seen one pair of skate tights that I liked they were the Mondor #3331 style they have a lurex content that make them glitter with shine. They are the next to have for me.

  4. It’s a brand of ice skate tights one’s I like most and yet to buy are the Mondor #3331 in beige color they have a lurex mix in them that makes them glitter.

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