Absolutely amazing gymnastics and figure skating leotards

figure skating gymnastics leotard-01Clothing plays very important role in sport. First of all it must be functional. Convenient, “fast”, comfortable, reliable, supportive, etc. But some some sports require one additional element: the clothes must be beautiful, eye-catchy, or simply a piece of art. I’m talking about aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating.

From various forums I learnt that coaches and parents know all swimsuit/leotard designers by name, location and prices. The suits are vitally important for any competition and can add or deduct points. The commentators (and, of course, spectators) pay additional attention to the clothes.

Check this eBay shop out. They sell custom made competition leotards, unitards and catsuits for boys, girls and adults. I was literally stunned when I saw their design. Looks like everything is possible. You can have the leotards in different forms or styles, colours, add Swarovski crystals. Even if you come up with your own design. (To be honest I can’t think of anything else, what’s available is already more than enough for me 😉

BTW, did you know what men’s or boy’s figure skating and gymnastics costumes look like? I did not. Look at the photos below. Basically, it’s the same swimsuit/leotard as made for girls but with trousers instead of a skirt. And can be made with a snap crotch bodysuit style or with a zipper and swimsuit crotch style.

As I said many times before – sport is an absolutely different thing from usual ordinary life. Sportsmen can wear anything without being frowned upon or accused in perversion.

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