Tatiana Navka in shiny pantyhose, stockings and skatesSee all Fetish Sport posts.

Figure skating was much more popular in the late 70s than now. To get more attention to both the sport and pop/show/any-other stars or celebrities a reality television show was created. In different countries it’s known under various names: Skating with Celebrities, Stars dance on the ice (Sterren dansen op het ijs), Ice age (Ледниковый период), etc.

But back to the fetish and particularly the clothes. Shiny extravagant leotards, tight unitards, even swimsuits, shiny pantyhose, stockings and, of course, the skates, a special version of high heels. Some figure skating stars become media celebrities, some non-official fetish stars. For example, Katarina Witt who (apart from just being a beautiful girl) many times shocked the judges and the public with her costumes. I still remember some of them!

What was considered way too sexy 20-25 years back would not surprise an average spectator today. Because… Hm… Look at the photos…