Pantyhose fashion or bolero pantyhose

If you do not want to remove the gusset (crotch panel) you can still wear pantyhose on your arms as bolero. And if the fishnet cells are wide enough there is no need to make any holes for fingers. So, depending on your mood and style, you can wear the same pantyhose on your arms or on your legs.

Nice picture for a Monday morning, by the way 😉

4 thoughts on “Pantyhose fashion or bolero pantyhose”

  1. there is a lot more made out of the same mesh than pantyhose, first keyword to try in google images is “bodystocking”:

    There are also leotards, tops, gloves, bankrobber-wear (socks) and very short socks that are made to be invisible in pumps and similar shoes. Of course most of these garments are a bit more expensive than ordinary pantyhose.

  2. Of course, but my point is to use pantyhose 😉 Nylon/polyamide/spandex/lycra/etc can be used everywhere, you can make lots of interesting (and not so) things out of this material, but the girl on the photo is wearing fishnet pantyhose on her arms, not a blouse or a t-shirt sewn out of fishnet nylon.

  3. Ok, I am not too experienced in using pantyhose and I thought it was about wrapping parts of the body tightly into the material (in any shape and any weaving pattern).

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