Bad performance. Indirectly affected by the DDoS attack?

The periodical outages, blackouts and slowdowns could be caused by the latest massive DDoS attack on WordPress.

On the bright side, in order to mitigate the performance issues I tweaked the design again what dramatically decreased the load time.

Or… Hmm… Was it only me who noticed all of that???

2 thoughts on “Bad performance. Indirectly affected by the DDoS attack?”

  1. The huge load almost drove me crazy… the days when you think that all what you do is in vain, nothing’s gonna work, all efforts and money have been spent to just warm up the atmosphere around.

    OTOH, I’ve learned quite a lot.
    And on the next side (what for shape is it?) my primary work suffered, and I have to catch up with it.

    Vicious circle. Or is it a spiral? Or a threaded butt-plug? ;-D

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