Shiny water-polo swimsuit and Aino Kishi. Part II

asi-26 Aino Kishi  in shiny water-polo swimsuitSee Part I and the video, Part III

To save the shots I was watching the video frame by frame. The interesting thing is, Aino Kishi looks gorgeous on every frame, I noticed no awkward moments or mimics.

Speaking of the swimsuit. I could find only a mens version of this swimsuit here. The same shiny rubber-like material, but still not one-piece swimsuit from the video.

Any ideas where such swimsuits can be found?

15 more shots

4 thoughts on “Shiny water-polo swimsuit and Aino Kishi. Part II”

  1. I thing the chance to find that swimsuit is nearly impossible. It´s Speedo S2000 suit, made in the 90´s.

  2. Yeah, I noticed. I check eBay periodically. But look what I’ve just found: /blog/wp/archives/7150 . Mizuno swimsuits look pretty much the same on the photos.

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