new pantyhoseWe can’t stop buying pantyhose. This is what we bought (for me, my wife and my daughter) during our last couple of vacations. As you can see, we paid the full price for only a couple.

What surprised me is a very poor choice of pantyhose in France. I saw only 3 brands: DIM, Le Bourget and Well. We haven’t been to Paris this time, but I expected to see more in big cities and big warehouses. The prices were also much higher than expected. BTW, the price difference for the same brand (e.g. DIM) can be up to two times. Checked in Auchan and a big shop in Amiens. Typical “supermarket pantyhose” cost around 5€, while you can find comparable models in Germany for less than 2.50€. Also, sheer to waist pantyhose are extremely rare in France.

The myth that France is the land of fine hosiery has been finally busted. The pantyhose land is still Germany.