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Pantyhose hood with gag
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I devised this selfbondage technique by myself many years ago and have not seen anything like that on the Internet. Using this method you can easily and quickly make an absolutely inescapable pantyhose hood with built-in gag. The result looks quite funny, but this technique is not about the look, but about the feel. And it feels REAL.

pantyhose hood and gag

I was wearing:

To make the hood you need the following:

Pantyhose hood and gag

Step 1. Roll pantyhose in a tight roll.

This is the result of Step 1. Tight roll. Do not make it too big. Do not overestimate your abilities.

Pantyhose hood and gag
Pantyhose hood and gag

Step 2. Put the roll down into a leg of the second pantyhose.

Step 3. Put a condom on the leg with the roll inside.

Pantyhose hood and gag
Pantyhose hood and gag

Step 4. Take the gag you made in Step 3...

...and insert is in your mouth from cheek to cheek. Not down your throat!!! (See the next picture)

Pantyhose hood and gag
Pantyhose hood and gag

Step 5. Take the leg (the one with the gag) around its opening ...

...and pull it over your head.

Pantyhose hood and gag
Pantyhose hood and gag

The result of Step 5. Make sure that you route the pantyhose leg (going out of the condom) around your nose.

Step 6. Take the second leg, twist it on 180° so that the pantyhose band forms a figure "8" ...

Pantyhose hood and gag
Pantyhose hood and gag

...and pull it over your head. Then wind the rest of the second leg over your mouth or you neck (Just lay it neatly!!! Do not tighten or make any knots!!!

This is the result.
Pantyhose hood and gag Pantyhose hood and gag

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