Butt-plug or dildo of your dream. Part I.

what dildo to chooseWhat can surprise you in a dildo design and make you buy it? I mean dildos or butt-plugs you can use, not just put in a corner of your room to hang your clothes on or scare your friends and parents. (I’m not talking about Patrick Andraste, nothing can scare him 😉 Yes, yes, that’s pure envy ;-D ).

Built-in plugs? Chairs, stools, harnesses, clothes with built-in plugs. Yes, please. (See drawings below).

Material? Medical grade silicone is probably the best material with the only exception – it does not like silicone based lubricants and can’t be properly glued.

Colour? No, because all materials (with exception of glass) do stain.

Internal structure? Yes. It would be nice to be able to make it softer or more rigid when you need it or make it bigger (thicker or longer) or smaller. As far as I know, none exist so far. Inflatability helps a bit, but plugs usually expand in all directions and mostly in the width.

Internal electronics and mechanisms? Yes. Vibrators, remote controlled vibrators are pretty common now. I’ve seen rotating dildos (But did not feel anything inside. Too much noise and too little horse power). I would like to see something new like electric contacts to stimulate muscles, but without the external TENS unit. And also a Bluetooth controller.

Internal pump? Yes. And a timer. Imagine its inflating and deflating inside of you. Dildo’s breath 😉

Lockability? Yes, absolutely! With a timer or external key.

Shape? Yes! The most important factor. The more various shapes the better. Some prefer thin long plugs, some thick and short, some pear shaped, etc. Again, the ability to change the shape and the hardness “on the fly” would be good.

Internal tubes? Yes. To breath through (for the deep throat dildos), to squirt, to connect to enema bags or piss condoms.

Did I miss anything? Do you have your own ideas? Drop a line here or in this forum thread!

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