The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 78-85

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Chapter 78
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Chapter 78

Author’s note: Remember, Terri is getting ready for Jennifer’s arrival still dressed in nothing but her thigh-high boots. She has been recounting her adventures during the last few months while Jennifer had been gone. The story is now back at the present with Terri continuing her slow walk to Jennifer’s bedroom in preparations for a night filled with bondage and submission. She continues to think about her bondage fun with Jennifer as she walks down the hall.

Time was getting short so I continued my walk towards Jennifer’s bedroom holding my leather gloves as I took slow and calculated steps in my six inch heels. I was well practised in walking in them but it did pay to be careful on the slippery hardwood floor. With the exception of my black thigh-high boots, and soon to be worn, long leather gloves, no other article of clothing was worn. The sound of my boot heels echoed off the hardwood floor and with each step, that sensuous sound of creaking leather could be heard as the boots reluctantly flexed. A slight breeze was blowing in through the window at the end of the hall and the cool air only caused my ringed nipples to get harder, not that my constant playing with them didn’t help either. As I passed each room, I thought about the many different games that Jennifer and I had played in each one of them.

I stopped at the door to the den, our second favorite spot for our bondage activities, outside of the bedroom and possibly the kitchen (Yes, the kitchen. Being tied to a chair or table and fed dinner can be very erotic.) I looked in and spotted Jennifer’s easy chair in the center of the room. My eyes then moved upwards towards the ceiling stopping on the hooks that were embedded in the overhead wood frame. They were mounted directly in front of her chair. Several times in the past, I had been tied to those hooks in some manner and by most parts of my body, all the way from my toes, to my tongue or my hair. Usually Jennifer just sits in her chair in front of me and smokes her cigarettes, reads a book or teases me with her feet. Whatever she does, it always drives me crazy. Just thinking about some of these times causes me to once again pull on my nipple rings, and also causes me to slowly slip my hand down between my legs to lightly play with myself. I was already wet with anticipation and the feeling of my shaved pubic mound felt wonderful to my now wet fingers.

One game we both enjoyed was when we used silk scarves for our restraints in stead of the normal leather straps or rope. I had also developed a special chain ball gag that came in handy several times and it fit well with this particular game. The last time we played was about a week before Jennifer left on her trip, though it seemed like only this afternoon that Jennifer was locking on the ball gag……

Chapter 79

Jennifer and I had just returned from a long horse back ride on her ranch and we were just finishing a nice light supper to top off the evening. Jennifer was dressed in a beautiful pair of tan riding breeches and white sleeveless blouse. The breeches were tucked into a beautiful pair of knee high shiny black ridding boots. I was similarly dressed except my breeches were light grey.

When supper was finished, Jennifer smiled and asked me if I wanted to play with the scarfs tonight. I quickly said yes as I wasn’t about to turn down an evening of bondage, especially at Jennifer’s hands. She told me go get box of scarfs, get undressed and lock the ball gag to the ceiling in front of her chair. She would finish cleaning up while I got ready.

I quickly retrieved the box of multi-colored scarfs and the chain ball gag, along with a long thin chain that was painted red on one end. Both Jenniferand I each a separate chain of different length that were fitted to our different body sizes. Yes, Jennifer has also been locked to the ceiling at times with me doing the honors and since she has a longer up body, we needed different lengths of chain.

I returned quickly with the box, chain and ball gag, along with three small locks and the keys. In the box were about thirty different colored silk scarfs all of them three feet square in size. The scarfs were from all over the world. Jennifer would always pick up one or two when she traveled. They were very soft but when tied tightly, escape was impossible.

The ball gag was of medium size and red in color. I had run a small chain though the middle of the ball instead of the typical black leather strap. Attached ninety degrees to the chain was a small “I” hook that was threaded through the ball and kept in place with a large washer and nut. The end of the “I” bolt was cut off flush with the nut and washer and nut were coated with a non-toxic red plastic mix to make it look and feel like the rubber ball. This prevented the metal from coming in contact with the mouth. I placed the box on the floor next to Jennifer’s chair, then sat the ball gag on top of the box along with the chain and locks.

I then slowly removed my black riding boots, breeches, blouse, bra and finally my panties which had already become quite damp with excitement. I placed the moist panties on the arm of the chair for later use and then folded and set my riding clothes aside.

My excitement and anticipation were growing and I caught myself playing with my nipples while thinking about what the evening would bring. I knew that in several minutes, I wouldn’t be able to do that so I took my time caressing them, making them hard and causing them to stand erect. Unfortunately, I had to stop and continue on with the rest of my initial bondage steps.

I picked up the long chain and walked over and moved a dinning room chair over to just under the hook in the ceiling. I locked one end of the chain to the hook with one of the small locks. The second lock was clipped though the last link of the chain but was left open for now. I moved the chair back to the table. I then picked up all three keys, the chain ball gag and the last lock and headed to the kitchen to present them to Jennifer.

Jennifer was still picking up the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher when I entered the room. She had also lit up a long white cigarette and was slowly smoking it when she loaded the washer. Smoking is something she seemed to enjoy very much. She smiled
as I entered the room. I walked over to her and handed her the ball gag and the lock. I still held the three keys in my hand. I always liked it when Jennifer gagged me. It seems to draw us closer. When we play together, Jennifer always enjoys the attention I pay her and she loves to tease me with the gags.

I turned and knelt on the kitchen floor with my back to her. Though I was stark naked, I felt very comfortable in the presence of Jennifer. Jennifer stepped forward and straddled my legs until her booted legs were pressing against my bare ass. I leaned back against her for support, reaching back to lightly caress her black riding boots.

Jennifer took the ball gag and placed it to my lips and told me to kiss it. I did. She told me then lick it and get it nice and wet. I stuck out my tongue, but Jennifer pulled gag away. She brought the ball back to my lips and this time held it in place as my tongue proceed to do its job of getting the ball very wet. She then told me to open my mouth wide and pulled the ball gag deep behind my lips. When the gag was resting in its normal place behind my teeth, she
lightly caressed my lips with her fingers even while still holding her cigarette in her left hand. The ball filled my mouth completely. The ball was large enough that without the use of my hands, I wouldn’t be able to expel the ball with just my tongue. To get it in, Jennifer had to compress the ball slightly to get it past my lips and teeth. But just having the size of ball preventing its expulsion wasn’t good enough for me or Jennifer. She then quickly brought the two ends of the small chain around behind my head, moved my hair aside then locked the two ends of the chain together with third of the three small locks. I was now very effectively gagged as usual, but this time the ball gag had a little hook that protruded from its center.

Jennifer reached around and took hold of the hook, pulling my head back. I stared up into her eyes and she just smiled and bent down and lightly nipped my nose with her tongue. Her left hand slowly maked its way down to my right breast. She lightly cupped it then rolled the nipple between her ring finger and thumb. I closed my eyes and sighed. I was ready for
the evening to continue.

Jennifer stopped and whispered in my ear to hurry and finish getting ready as she was almost done in the kitchen. I arose from my knees and started to walk out then spotted her black leather riding gloves on the counter. I picked them up, turned, and lightly tapped on the counter to get Jennifer’s attention. When she looked at me, I held up her gloves and raised my eyebrows. Jennifer laughed and told me to not worry, that she wouldn’t forget them. I laughed behind the gag and placed the gloves back on the counter along with the three keys to the locks and headed for the den.

I picked up a blanket that was on the couch and folded it into a small rectangle. I placed this on the floor below the chain that was locked to the ceiling. The blanket served to cushion my knees that I would be kneeling on for quite awhile tonight. I then decided to make my bondage a little more secure until Jennifer arrived. I walked into the bedroom and pulled two sets of thumbcuffs from our toy bag. I also picked up a set of keys to the thumbcuffs and headed back to the den.

Once there, I placed the key to the thumbcuffs on the small table next to Jennifer’s easy chair. I looked around to make sure everything was set, and then knelt down on the blanket. The end of the chain was at nose level. I reached down and locked one set of thumbcuffs around my big toes. I then locked on of the thumbcuffs on my right thumb. Before I locked the other thumb in the cuffs, behind me of course, I reached up and locked the chain to the hook attached to the ball gag. The height of the chain was such that when it was locked, my head would be kept at a forty-five degree angle.

To complete the bondage process, I brought my wrists behind me and then locked the other side of the thumbcuffs on my left thumb. My simple self-bondage was now complete. I couldn’t stand up because of the toe bondage and I was locked to the hook in the ceiling
by a chain that was locked to my ball gag. What’s more, I couldn’t reach the ball gag with my thumbs locked behind me.

I was now at Jennifer’s mercy, a position that sent a tingle down my naked spine only this time I couldn’t caress my body except for some light caressing of my naked ass cheeks. The thumbcuffs prevented much movement. The only question now was how long Jennifer
would make me wait.

I didn’t have to wait long. I looked over, which was not easy to do, and saw Jennifer standing in the doorway to the den. She was watching me. She was beautiful. She had pulled her beautiful black hair back into a tight ponytail, and she had removed her blouse and bra. She was now topless. She was also wearing her black riding gloves. I smiled to myself.

She was leaning against the doorway, arms crossed, holding a freshly lit cigarette. She was a picture of pure seduction and domination and she was enveloped in a smoky haze. She was smiling as she exhaled a long thin stream of white smoke towards the ceiling. She started to walk towards me. I closed me eyes. The fun was soon to begin.

Chapter 80

When Jennifer and I play with the silk scarves, we treat them just like rope or leather restraints. We use lots of them, including many layers and cinches, and when tied correctly, escape was all but impossible. Many times we combined scarves, rope and leather into many of our games, but tonight it was just the silk to be used.

It really didn’t matter to us the make, or style of the scarf, that was not as important as how tight they are tied or how they are used. What was also important was that they were made of silk, multi-colored or brightly colored, and large! Of course we did have our collections of Hermes, Gucci, Versace and a few of the new Ostinelli’s, but the names were almost meaningless once they were tied as a gag, crotchrope or encased the head or fingers. The fact that they made excellent binding material and felt sensuous when tied tightly, were the parts we both enjoyed the most.

Jennifer and I would often wear a scarf as a knotted crotch rope or crotch scarf for that matter, to work or out on the town for several days at a time. It was always tied tightly under the panties next to the pussy. The thin knotted silk was always pulled deep between the pussy lips. Many times we placed an additional wadded scarf between the crotch scarf and the skin. This always ensured that the scarfs got nicely soiled and wet. The soiled scarves made for great tasting gags in our bondage play not to mention the erotic simulation that they gave us during the week.

The scarves also broke up the variety of crotch ropes we used during our bondage play. Silk scarves, rope, leather, and steel chastity belts were among the choices. All were fun and each had their own unique form of stimulation and control, or loss of control depending on the point of view of the wearer and the chosen item. However, the slickness of the silk scarves always provided a nice distraction from the daily work routine.

On Sunday evenings, when we were in the bondage mood (which was most Sundays), we would take turns picking out each outer scarves, (if that was our choice or material that week) to be used during the upcoming week. Sometimes it would be only one scarf for the whole week or maybe several depending on what we had planned for the following weekend. The real game came at weeks end trying to choose which scarf was to be used as the gag or gag filler and which ones left over were to be used in other forms of bondage like tying the folded up soiled scarves over the bound subject’s nose so that she could get both the taste and aroma of the soiled silk.

Once we decided on the different scarves, we took turns knotting each others scarf and having the pleasure to tying the other’s scarf about their waist. It was very erotic to slowly pull the lips apart, and position the silk in just the right place, pulling it deep into the darkness, positioning the knots in just the right place to ensure the simulation needed to get the nice and wet.

Jennifer had a habit of tying two small knots close together (with a little space in between)and then carefully positioning the knots on either side of my clit. As long as the silk didn’t move or I was sitting still, very little simulation was gained. As I moved, or tugged on the scarf the little knots on either side did their job and provided me the stimulation desired.

Once it was tied and knotted in place, it was not to come off until the following weekend or whenever our next bondage adventure was planned. We did remove them during our showers or baths so not to wash out any of the “soilness”.

Wearing a silk scarf between your pussy lips all week does ensure a nicely soiled play thing. If we happened to get together during the week and bondage was done, we often left the scarves in place. During the bondage, the excitation levels were always very high and this only added to the soiling that the silk obtained during the rest of the week.

Additionally, not only was the scarf wet from sexual excitation during the week, but it was also soiled from the day to day bodily functions that happen each day like peeing, sweating, and other required womanly actions! This only served to enhance the flavor and fun.

Jennifer walked around in front of me and stood close. My chin rested in her belly button and I could feel the softness of her skin. I could also smell the aroma of her sex coming through her riding breeches. I was sure those panties she was wearing were as wet as I was becoming and I couldn’t wait to taste the scarf that was currently tied between her pussy lips. It was a red flowered one that was tied on a week ago. I had tied three small knots in the silk material and positioned then to stimulate all the right places, two for his clit and a double one that press against her anus! The scarf I wore all week was draped over the arm of Jennifer’s easy chair, and I am sure that it would be used on Jennifer later tonight.

With my head held back because of the locking ball gag, I was looking up into her eyes over the tops of her naked breasts. She was smiling, looking down at me exhaling a slow steady stream of rich smoke. It contrasted nicely with her beautiful long black hair and blue eyes. I could tell that she was also excited, her nipples were hard as rocks and stood straight out. I longed to kiss and suck them but the bondage prevented that, for now. I was sure later tonight that I would be getting my wish.. or was it hers.. I lose track at times who was suppose to be in control and who was suppose to be the submissive. It most cases it went back and forth throughout our play! Jennifer just happened to have the upper hand for the moment.

She reached down and slowly caressed my face with her gloved fingers. She was taking her time building the passion which made the evening that much more special. Erotic denial was sweet “torture” that I loved dearly and Mistress Jennifer was a great teacher and practitioner of the game. She reached down with both of her gloved hands and gently rolled each of my nipples between her leather-covered fingers, bringing them to full attention, not that they weren’t there already. The little playing I did to myself before locking the cuffs on was enough to get me going, but Jennifer knew how to make the excitement both mount and last for a long time. The longer the better, a thought to which I just smiled behind the locked ball gag as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the stimulation.

The leather was cool to the touch, and the fingers of the gloves were slightly roughened from use. The leather felt wonderful. As she did this, she bent down and kissed me softly, first on the forehead, then on the side of my gagged lips. She used her warm tongue to lightly outline the ball. I wished that I could have responded with my tongue but that was what a gag was for, denying the use of one’s mouth. In our next bondage adventure, I would have to remember to use the double ball gag on both of us. That in itself was highly erotic. Gagged together around the same ball, lips just barely touching, with our tongues denied the pleasure of each others touch.

I drank in her beauty and her caress of my nipples. My inner thighs were getting wet with anticipation and I could feel my wetness slowly running down the inside of my thighs. A slightly tickling sensation was felt but nothing for now could be done about it. The feeling would continue until Jennifer decided to change my bondage or use her fingers between my legs.

Chapter 81

Jennifer stood and slowly walked around behind me out of my field of vision and checked the rest of the bonds to ensure I was her submissive prisoner. I was. Self-bondage was a practiced art of mine and I didn’t want to disappoint her or myself and I never do. She then checked to ensure the keys were in their correct place in case they were needed. Jennifer reached up and she slowly placed a gloved hand over the ball gag sealing my lips, the leather aroma filling my nostrils. With her right hand still held tightly over my gagged mouth, she continued with her left hand to lightly caress my shoulder, then my back, then down to my ass. I reached out for her hand with my locked fingers only to have her hold then away from my body in a strappado position. Jennifer moved the gloved hand up slightly now covering my nose. As she pressed the gloved hand snugly against my face, she denied any breath. The control she had over me was set in stone and leather. My next breath was now at Jennifer’s wish.

I struggled against my bondage and Jennifer’s grip, but she was in control. She smiled then and moved to the side of me and slowly removed the hand that was over my mouth and nose. I took a deep breath. She slowly moved her hand down to the front of my chest lightly brushing my harden nipples. Then she took the left nipple and pinched it, softly twisting it to get my attention, she had it. The leather encased fingers continued down my naked belly, playing with my belly button. Her other hand continued to hold my cuffed thumbs away from my body. Slow probing fingers could be felt between my legs, playing with my pussy lips. Jennifer let go of my thumbcuffs and started to caress my ass, while the other gloved hand played with my pussy, tickling the pussy lips, and lightly rubbing my now very sensitive clit. I closed my eyes but as quickly as the playing started, it stopped. I moaned into my gag. Jennifer laughed and commented how wet I was as she brought her gloved finger to my nose. I could smell my sex combined with the scent of her leather. It was wonderfully intoxicating. She then brought the wet gloved finger to her lips and slowly inserted it between her red lips. She closed her eyes, sucked gently and savored the taste.

Jennifer walked over and picked up the first scarf and smiled, “Let’s get started, dear.. I have many plans for us tonight and I don’t want you to have all the fun!”

Chapter 82

Jennifer was very good at tying me tightly and she would do so without even a slight chance for escape. That was always the challenge. I always tried to get out of my bondage but also longed to remain her captive. I love to struggle in my bondage. It increased the pressure of the restraints in those erotic and sensitive places i.e. elbows, ankles, thighs, crotch etc. Tonight was no different. She started first with my elbows. She could do this without unlocking my thumbcuffs and thus add to my bondage without releasing any current restraints. There would be no chance for a escape this evening. I smiled as that feeling of warmth continued up from my wet crotch.

The light blue flowered Hermes scarf was pulled around my arms just above the elbows. It was passed around twice and then tied. My elbow were drawn close together. A second Hermes was then used as a cinch drawing my elbows even closer together until they nearly touched. The ends of this scarf were left to dangle for a few minutes, but not to worry, as they would be used later.

A solid pink rose Ostinelli was next draped over the back of my neck with the two ends falling over my breasts. She lightly tickled the nipples with the two ends. I laughed behind my gag. The ends were then pulled under my arms and tied in the small of my back. This formed a small silk body harness that Jennifer would use to anchor additional scarves too as the scarf bondage progressed. The silk ends of the elbow cinch were then fed up to the scarf that ran along the back of my neck. When she pulled this taught, the scarf harness was tighten and the elbow scarves were now prevented from being pulled or slid down. With my elbows tied in this manner, even with my hands or thumbs free, I would have had trouble getting out of any other bondage. Tight elbow bondage, a gag and my big toes tied were all that were needed to ensure anyone’s helplessness especially mine.

My wrists were next and were bound and cinched tightly together with a long black and red print silk scarf, another Ostinelli I think, but being bound with my head looking up towards the ceiling makes it hard to see all the materials that Jennifer used. It didn’t matter anyway as the feeling was wonderful and secure. Silk had that way about it. With my wrists tied, Jennifer retrieved the key, then unlocked and removed the thumbcuffs. They were no longer needed for now.

All the time while Jennifer was tying me with the scarves, she would tease the cheeks of my ass and my hard nipples with the sleek material before using them as restraining devices. She was such a tease and was very good at her job. This teasing was kind of a “conditioning” game we play. As we add restraints to the bondage, we find ways to tease each other with them caressing with them, rubbing etc… this only served to make the thoughts of the restraints a very exciting day dream…

Jennifer once called me at work was had be listen very carefully… what I heard was a leather squeaking sounds followed by clicking noises. I had heard that sound before and was already getting wet and excited just thinking about it… I headed out to Jennifer’s ranch at lunch to her her nude on the bed in her knee high riding boots, ball gagged, blindfolded and her gloved wrists handcuffed to the headboard…. yes her booted ankles were cuffed spread to the foot board… she was rocking her hits and I could see her personal vibrator was buried deeply between her pussy lips, head in place with a silk scarf. The remote control for the vibrator was lying beside her out of reach.. She had also attached a small set of vibrating nipple clamps to her hard nipples… its remote was also out of reach… As I watched, she arched her back in a powerful orgasm…. one of many I am sure…. Needless to say, I called back to work and told them something had come up and I would not be back in the office for a while..

This “conditioning” was a fun game, the sound of tape be ripped off the roll, silk being pulled over hard nipples, handcuffs being locked… etc.. Listening on the phone and guessing what was going on, on the other end…. sure made for some interesting times at work… anyway where was I ….??

Jennifer’s teasing of body continued. This only served to drive me wild with denied passion. With my arms and wrists now bound, Jennifer stood back and slowly smoked her cigarette reviewing her handy work. Her beautiful long black haired swayed as she gently rocked in her black riding boots. I could see her playing with her own nipples as she walked around me examining her bound captive. This was only the start as there was still about 30 scarves left to be used and Jennifer would find a place for all of them rest assured!

Jennifer continued the silk encasement. My ankles were next and she used a bright red and green stripped Versace to secure and cinch them tightly together. When that was done, she unlocked and removed the set of thumbcuffs that were locking my big toes together. “Now for your beautiful breasts” she whispered as she picked up another white and blue spotted Hermes.

In fact several printed silk Hermes were used to bind my breasts. One of the silk scarves was tied tightly around my upper chest with part of the scarf running atop my left breast and under my right. A second blue one was tied around my chest in the opposite manner, giving the effect of a “figure-8” with my breasts sticking out through the loops. The third Hermes was then draped around my neck and the ends tied tightly to the two scarves between my bound breasts. As the scarf was pulled tight, the pressure on my breasts increased and my breast bondage became more secure. This neck scarf also prevented the breast scarves from slipping down. This breast bondage served to pull up on my breasts quickly making them become full and hard. Jennifer took the time to cup them in her gloved hands and play with the already harden nipples. I just closed my eyes and moaned to myself, God she was such a tease.

More and more scarves were added to my already bound body. My arms were pinned to my sides. My wrists were then pinned and cinched to my waist. More scarves were added to my breast bondage utilizing the silk body harness she had tied just a few minutes ago. But nothing had yet been tied between my legs. This was Jennifer’s bondage style. It was part of the teasing process. She would take her time with my bondage but avoid contact with my most sensitive areas between my legs, just a rub or finger now and then to tease. This only severed to turn up the heat on my passion. But tonight, I didn’t have to wait to long! My crotch was next!

Jennifer moved to the chair and picked up my moist white panties. She bought them to her nose and inhaled the aroma of my sex. She smiled at me. She knew how excited I was this during the day in anticipation of our evening together and of course during the horse back ridding, they got even more wet and sweaty. She then picked up a long white Hermes and started to tie little knots about every two inches in the scarf. I knew what was coming and couldn’t prevent it from happening, not that I wanted to anyway. She tied one end of knotted scarf to the waist scarves in the small of my back that were tied tightly around my waist. She let the knotted scarf hang between my legs for the time being. Jennifer then took my panties, balled into a tight wad, and slowly started to rub my wet pussy with the silken material. The feeling was exquisite! She then slowly began to insert panties into my crotch. When the panties were in place, she pulled the knotted crotch scarf between my legs, burying the scarf and the panties deep between my swollen pussy lips. She adjusted the scarf so that a silk knot was resting right on top of my clit. She then tied off the crotchscarf to the waist scarves around my belly button. All slack was removed. I loved the filling of fullness between my legs and it was obvious that Jennifer had plans for my panties later.

When she completed the crotchscarf arrangement, she tugged slightly to see if the knot of silk would have its desired effect. It did. She smiled. She was only getting started.

Chapter 83

With my crotch now tied with silk, she took several more scarves and bound my knees together, above and below, and my upper thighs, each carefully knotted and cinched. Jennifer took her time and I savored the touch of both her hands and the silken material. To add to my scarf bondage, she even wound a thin scarf tightly between my fingers joining them together. To add to my already helpless situation, she then encased my bound hands in a set of scarves thus preventing me from using my fingers at all. When she was finished, they were now encased in a silk bondage mitten. More scarves were added, connecting my wrists to my bound ankles, effectively hog-tying me in a vertical position. A scarf was even tied joining my big toes together. Again more caressing of my nipples that were now more sensitive due to the tight breast bondage. I shivered in pleasure.

Jennifer stood back to admire her submissively, silk encased bound friend. “You are having way to much fun my pet” … Jennifer laughed. She disappeared from sight only to return in a few minutes holding a set of wooden clothespins. I closed my eyes. She knelt down in front me, her naked breasts even with mine. She took her time and slowly played with my nipples. She even leaned forward and took the left one between her lips and lightly sucked on it. The right one followed, not to be neglected. She was driving me crazy with passion. She lightly brushed my nipples with hers, teasing them to their fullest. She reached up and once again covered my ball gagged lips with her gloved hands as she continued to play with my nipples…. the touch of her fingers and the additional hand gagging was pushing quickly towards an orgasm…. Jennifer quickly snapped me back to reality by placing a clothespin on each nipple, not the skin behind them, but right on the nipple itself. She didn’t want me to be denied any stimulation from her work. The bite was sharp but welcome and I quickly caught my breath. The bite of the clothespin lessoned over a few minutes to just a nice erotic dull ache! The slight erotic bite of the clothespins took my mind of the building orgasm…. I was once again denied my sexual release…

With the clothespins in place, Jennifer continued to play with the clamped nipples by softly turning and pulling on the clothespins, all the while continuing to tug on the silk crotchscarf. I was sure that my panties were soaked and I was also sure that that was a main reason for Jennifer’s continued playing. Finally she was done playing and lightly kissed the top of my bound breasts. I wasn’t done yet, I need sexual relief but that wasn’t to be just yet.

Jennifer stood, removed her gloves and picked up yet another scarf and folded it into a small pad. She placed this pad over my eyes and held in place with yet another silken restraint. My sense of sight was now removed. It only enhanced my other senses.

I could hear Jennifer standing next to me breathing hard. She was removing her boots and the sound of her zipper being undone was unmistakable. A wrestling of sheer silk on flesh was heard next, her panties being removed perhaps?

I was rewarded by the aroma of her sex, mainly her soiled panties that she was now holding over my nose. I drank the aroma in deeply. My own pussy quivered, remembering that my own panties were buried deep in my own sex, absorbing my juices that were now flowing freely. Her panties were then removed from my face and I could hear Jennifer obtaining the key to the padlock on the ball gag. She unlocked the lock that was holding my head up, then unlocked and removed the ball gag. It came out with a “pop”, and very wet. I had been drooling out of the corner of my mouth. The gag was replaced by a warm, wet, probing tongue. That was also quickly removed and Jennifer’s wet panties were slowly inserted into my waiting mouth. When all the soiled material was in place, I could feel a thin cleave gag of silk being tied over the panties to hold them in place. The gag was knotted tightly behind my head, the material pulling the corner of lips tight. But my gagging was not complete yet. Jennifer was a gagging expert and she knew that I had an oral fixation and loved the way she gagged a girl.

Another pad of silk was placed between my lips over the cleave gag and it was held in place with another long wide scarf, kind of the “Brian Sands” gag in silk. Speech was but all impossible and the taste of Jennifer’s sex was keeping me occupied not to mention the pinching of my nipples by the clothespins.

My scarf bondage was all complete except for the head scarf that Jennifer added for good measure. This prevent the gags and blindfolds from slipping. It also served to force my mouth closed tighter on the wet panties, a nice thought huh?

Jennifer slowly let me down off my knees and onto my side. The clothespins on my nipples prevented me from rolling on to my stomach for now. Still I was bound very securely in silk, hogtied, and at the mercy of a now nude mistress! Jennifer let me lie there in my bondage. I heard her move to her leather chair, light a cigarette and sigh. I struggled in my bondage for her and me. I knew she was watching. What was next?!

Chapter 84

Being tied in scarves and in a tight hogtie was always a nice way to spend an evening. I was tied on my side in front of Jennifer’s chair in her den. Her soiled panties tied deep in my mouth and about 30 or so silk scarves held me captive. My nipples were being pinched with clothespins and my pussy was filled with pair of silk panties, mine to be exact.

Jennifer reached out with her bare feet and slowly caressed my bound breasts. She gently took the clothespins on my left nipple between her toes and pulled for a little more excitation. Occasionally she was tug on the knotted scarf teasing my clit all the while.

This little game of foot caressing continued for several minutes as Jennifer relaxed and smoked her cigarette. I could only imagine that she was lightly caressing her own nipples and playing with her pussy. Given the fact that her panties were very wet, I could only assume that her pussy was even more by now.

The foot teasing stopped and I felt Jennifer reach down and remove the head scarf. That was followed by the several scarves that were keeping the panties securely in my mouth. When the cleave gag was removed, she pulled the panties out and set them aside. In their place was Jennifer’s big toe. Obviously, some foot worship was in order and I didn’t want to disappoint her. I quickly wrapped my lips around her toes and gently sucked.

With that introduction, I quickly set about the task of kissing and licking each of her toes and the soles of her feet. First the right, then the left. I did the best I could still blindfolded and bound in a tight hogtie and still on my side. I think Jennifer had grown a foot fetish over the last few years as I found myself more and more on the giving end of these foot worshiping scenes. Jennifer’s feet were very sensitive both erotically and ticklish. The more I licked and kissed, the hotter I could make my beautiful mistress. Even tickling them was enough at times to set her off, and when it was her turn in the ropes, I took maximum advantage of this little discovery.

As I licked and kissed each of her toes, gingerly taking each into my mouth, I could picture Jennifer playing with her nipples or clit while she watched me. Knowing that I had just had her panties in my mouth only fueled the picture that was in my mind. A naked mistress, stretched out on a leather chair, her scarf encased friend tightly hogtied at her feet. Five red painted toes deep in her bound friends mouth being worshiped, her hands lightly moving over her body. Yes, quite a picture.

Jennifer removed her feet from my face, and reinserted the panty gag filler and retied the cleave gag back into its normal place. My work was done for now. She reached down and carefully removed the clothespins from each nipple. I caught my breath. She gently rubbed them with her fingers. She then reached down between my legs, and with her probing fingers pulled the knotted crotch scarf aside and removed the pair of panties she had stuffed in there earlier. The were soaked with my sex.

Jennifer rolled me over on my stomach and breasts, now sensitive from all the breast bondage, and started to untie the scarves that held my arms to my body. My elbows were next followed by my wrists. She then told me to finish untying myself but leave the blindfold and gag on until last.

I slowly did as instructed starting with the breast scarves. I could hear Jennifer moving around in the room as if she was working on something. A sound of clanking metal could be heard, handcuffs to be certain. Jennifer was up to something as always and I was sure that I was going to enjoy it.

I finally got to my legs and after a while was free of those scarves. It took a while due to the blindfold and all the extra knots that Jennifer likes to tie. All that was left was my blindfold, gag, and knotted crotchscarf that I choose to leave in place as it was providing me some nice stimulation. Jennifer’s movements had ceased or lessened but I could hear the leather of her chair creak as she moved. She must have returned to her chair to watch me untie myself.

Finally, I reached up and slowly untied the cleave gag and removed the panties. The blindfold was next along with the soft pad covering my eyes. I opened my eyes slowly to let them readjust to the light of the den. I looked over at my bondage mistress and smiled at what I saw. It was obvious that the night was only beginning.

Chapter 85

Stretched out before me was the same beautiful mistress that moments ago had me captive. Now nude, she was stretched out on her leather reclining chair with her wrists over her head and her legs spread wide. I could see that she had taken several scarves that she had removed from my bondage and had used them to secure her legs wide to the arms of the easy chair, her knees were slightly bent. She had also positioned a small pillow under the small of her back lifting her bottom and of course her wet crotch off the chair. Did I say easy access? She had fashioned a knotted crotch scarf much like the one that I was still wearing and had pulled the silk deep into her own pussy. This time, though, she didn’t use a pair of panties as stuffing, but had used her small personal vibrator to fill the void! I could barely hear the humming coming from her tied pussy, but by the way was rocking her hips, it was obvious that she was enjoying the plastic intrusion. Had I really been devious, and known this was going to happen, I would have added a small vibrating egg to her ass, just to add to her fun. Perhaps next time the tables get turned.

Jennifer’s wrists were handcuffed over her head and I could see that she had anchored them to the back of the chair out of reach. They were secure and she would not be getting out without help or the key. The wooden clothespins that had recently pinched my nipples were now pinching hers, and she had added a second set of clothespins to either side of her crotch scarf. The wooden clamps were attached to each outer lips of her tied crotch. But it was the gag that got my real attention.

Jennifer had pulled the wet panties that she had stuff in my pussy earlier this evening, over her head and had positioned the crotch right over her nose and mouth. To hold the panties in place, she had tied a tight cleave gag through her lips and another thin black scarf was used as a blindfold. This pantyhead bondage was extremely erotic and I’m sure that Jennifer was enjoying the taste of her submissive friend’s sex. I know I did her’s. Given the current switching of roles, I guess you could say she was now at my mercy, and it was something that Jennifer wanted too.

I savored this site, watching her enjoy herself wondering when I was going to start my erotic torment. The mistress had taught me well and I knew that anticipation was building on her part, not to mentioned the job the small vibrator was doing inserted in her now very wet pussy.

I knelt beside the chair, and slowly ran my fingers softly up her ribcage, slightly tickling her underarms. Jennifer struggled erotically. To return the favor of earlier this evening, I placed my one hand over her bound mouth, and continued to erotically tickle her underarm. I removed my hand from her mouth and bent forward and replaced with my mouth. I let my tongue explore the tight gag, and stretched lips. I could taste my sex on the wet panties so I was sure the she could too! Jennifer strained against the scarves and cuffs.

I stopped my kissing and proceeded to retie her wrists with several silk scarves. I then unlocked and removed the metal handcuffs. They were great for self-bondage, but the wrong feel for erotic play like this, especially with so many silk restraints around. As I retighten the scarves that held her wrists to the back of the chair, I slowly kissed and sucked her fingers. Jennifer responded by lightly caressing my face.

I added more scarves to her breasts and arms securing my captive tightly to her chair and of course I added a few to her gag to complete the bondage for now. A pad of silk was placed over the cleave gag and held in place with one of the larger scarves, folded into a wide band. Double gags were always nice and secure.

Needless to say, once I completed adding to her helplessness, I started with my tongue on her naked, sensitive toes and feet on her right side and ended at her gag. But that in itself took me about 30 minutes to get there. I took special care to lick the area around her clamped nipples, slightly pulling on the clothespins as I did and yes I didn’t forget about the clothespins attached to her pussy either. This only added to stimulation and I was sure that her nipples and labia were very sensitive now due to the clothespins and my playing with them.

By the time I was arrived back at her gagged face, she was putty in my hands but I didn’t let it stop there. The night was still young and I still have her other foot to worship. My poor bound mistress was in for treat and so was I. I was sure that I would end up back in the bondage later that night, in fact I was counting on it and to help that idea along a smile drew across my face as a plan formed..

I looked down at the slowly rocking mistress and smiled. She was pulling gently on the silk restraints and rocking her hips. I could also see that she was very wet…hmm I wonder why? I longed to be back in her place and wanted to stay in the mood as I took my turn as the “tormentor”. I picked up the handcuffs that I had removed from Jennifer’s wrists and located a long thin scarf. I picked up her leather gloves that were lying next to the chair, and slowly pulled them on. I brought the index finger of the right glove to my nose. The aroma of my sex and the warm leather was intoxicating. Now I wondered how the aroma of her sex would combine with mine? I reached out and slowly caressed her bound crotch with the leather gloves. I then inserted my index fingered into the wet and vibrating pussy. I could feel the vibrator tickling the insides of my mistress’s tunnel and I slowly pushed the vibrator deeper causing a moan to escape from my bound friends gagged lips. I removed the finger and once again smelled the aroma of sex and leather. It was sweet and was now a combination of her’s and mine. I shivered. I continued.

I found a third set of clothespins and slowly attached them once again to each of my nipples, sucking in my breath as I did so. They were still very sensitive themselves from earlier this evening. I reached down for the handcuff key and walked to the top of the chair and slowly placed the key in Jennifer’s palm. I whispered in her ear to hold on to this and not give it up until she was ready to be untied. To help her hold the key I wrapped her hands in silk forming a nice silk mitten. I then quickly tied the thin black scarf through my lips to form a nice thin cleave gag. The gag was thin enough that my tongue could still be used. I then locked the handcuffs around my wrists in back of me. I was once again a “prisoner” of sorts yet still in control.

It was time to start on the other side of Jennifer’s bound body and of course the toes were the place to begin. The thin cleave gag didn’t hinder my licking one bit but only severed to remind my of my place….to start with that cute little toe! I wonder how long Jennifer would last before she gave up the key!

First the red painted big toe…..

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