See Part I, Part II.

It seems like the Tengew design has answered one of the most popular requests: make a standalone (no harness) lockable butt-plug. According to the website, “it’s 6” long shaft’s expanding 2” to 2.625” ball plug”. Unfortunately, there is no more useful info.

Let’s think about it:

  • 6″ is probably too long for a non-flexible stainless steel design
  • 2.6″ is not much bigger than 2″. Is there an error on the site?
  • to lock the plug, the latch must be opened (not closed), so it protrudes downwards (at least this is what I read in one of the forums)! That renders the plug absolutely unusable with clothes or while sitting. Probably, it’s not correct, but the manufacturer says nothing against it.
  • no bigger photos
  • the price is $210
  • I did not find a single line from anybody who actually touched the device let alone bought it. No customers?

The bottom line – sorry, but for this price both the design and the corresponding information must be more convincing.

It should not be very difficult to design and produce a usable lockable butt-plugs or dildos in several sizes with additional options (see Part I). And there is a demand. But why nobody makes them?

Or … am I the only one who would like to have such a device in his/her collection?