State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part III. Tengew

See Part I, Part II.

It seems like the Tengew design has answered one of the most popular requests: make a standalone (no harness) lockable butt-plug. According to the website, “it’s 6” long shaft’s expanding 2” to 2.625” ball plug”. Unfortunately, there is no more useful info.

Let’s think about it:

  • 6″ is probably too long for a non-flexible stainless steel design
  • 2.6″ is not much bigger than 2″. Is there an error on the site?
  • to lock the plug, the latch must be opened (not closed), so it protrudes downwards (at least this is what I read in one of the forums)! That renders the plug absolutely unusable with clothes or while sitting. Probably, it’s not correct, but the manufacturer says nothing against it.
  • no bigger photos
  • the price is $210
  • I did not find a single line from anybody who actually touched the device let alone bought it. No customers?

The bottom line – sorry, but for this price both the design and the corresponding information must be more convincing.

It should not be very difficult to design and produce a usable lockable butt-plugs or dildos in several sizes with additional options (see Part I). And there is a demand. But why nobody makes them?

Or … am I the only one who would like to have such a device in his/her collection?

12 thoughts on “State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part III. Tengew”

  1. The workings of this device seem quite simple to me – and what you describe of how it locks would also seem correct.

    Essentially the plug is in two halves with a squishy balloon in the middle. There is a pin from the tip of the plug which goes through the balloon and through to the base. When you pull on the pin by the base, the tip is pulled towards the base, causing the squishy balloon to compress and therefore expand sideways – making it more difficult to remove (but as you suggest, far from impossible given how little it expands).

    The difficulties with a design like this would be how to make the balloon out of material which is easily cleanable (for obvious reasons). This is probably where the expense is, along with the R&D behind such a design.

    It has given me some ideas, I might try and improve on their design and see make something a little more useful for wearing underneath clothes.


  2. nc ” wrote:

    When you pull on the pin by the base, the tip is pulled towards the base,

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. But it can be done the other way around, it depends on the pulling rod placement.

    nc ” wrote:

    how to make the balloon out of material which is easily cleanable


  3. perfer a nice sized latex plug that has to be worked in combined with a lockable chastity belt:)

  4. Here is a thought. The top or pointy end of the dildo is like a nut. A bolt at the base pulls the tip down and flatens a 2 inch rubber ball. Then the bolt or in this case a Cap Screw can have a plate covering it up and locked in place. The only thing hanging down would be the lock.

    If the dildo is 6 inches long, Then crushing a 2 inch ball Just may expand it out to 3 inches, and make the dildo only 5 inches long. Now that will be hard to push out.

  5. Look what I found on ebay 08/09/12 for 134.00 pounds.

    Trillium Ultimate Chastity Plug Lock
    Item number: 110929018878

    Is it the same thing your talking about ?

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