Some time ago Strappado mentioned Indian sari (can’t find this forum thread anymore). Immediately two images (see below) popped up in my head. However, it took me several months to finally start looking for the magazines in which the pictures were published.

Yes, real magazines I bought 10 years ago. Some of them (like “Practical Photography”) I keep “visibly”, some – “hidden” and far away from the kids reach. Both “visibly” and “hidden” are quoted, because you can’t hide anything from the kids and the “well hidden” things can be found much quicker then the ones kept “on full view”.

Anyway, today I had the house for myself for a couple of hours and finally (coughing and sneezing from the dust) dragged the “hidden pile” down. While the photo made by Bob Carlos Clarke (one of my favourite photographers, RIP) was quite easy to find on the “public” shelves, the drawing was something that required some work.

I had to browse through a dozen of old magazines like “Marquis“, “Skin Two” and “Bondage Life” several times before I finally found what I was looking for, but to my great surprise I discovered a lot I missed or simply completely forgot about. For example, Kevin Walsh‘s art was published in Marquis YEARS before I dug his works out in the Internet.

Photos, drawings, candids, stories, links like I’ve never seen before. Probably it’s the fact that I’ve started my own site since then and I look at everything from a bit different point (or rather points) of view. Apart from usual “hey, that image works for me”, “I want these latex stockings” or even “I can bind myself that way” my thoughts include now: “Oh my… that took a helluva time and efforts to create this issue…”, “Nicely said, I’ll never be able to write like him”, “I think I can use this article as a reference for my next post”.

But probably, it’s a magic of “a real thing”, like a printed book. You can forget it for decades, then take it from the second row on the top shelf, puff off the dust, jump on a sofa and disappear from the real world…

Time to buy vintage stuff like “Bondage life” and “Bizarre” or old issues of the still existing mags while they are still available on eBay? Am I getting older?