Sensual deprivation bondage, street art or “The Iron Man”

sensory deprivation bondage street art See also “Amsterdam? Rotterdam? Butt-plugs!

Facts: “Iron: Man” (mostly known as “The Iron Man”), the statue is 6 metres (20 ft) tall, including the feet which are buried beneath the pavement, weighs 6 tons, made by Anthony Gormley, can be found in Victoria Square, Birmingham, England.

Is it only my perverted mind what sees here a sensory deprivation rigid mummification bondage cocoon? Just imagine…

You, tightly bound and gagged, are locked inside The Iron Man for the whole day. You hear nothing. You see nothing. You can’t move. You do not know how much time has passed and how much time left until the darkness falls upon the city and you will be (you hope) released.

You know where you are. You know that lots of people walk or even stand nearby. If someone comes very close and listens carefully, he or she may notice a low buzz deep inside the statue. And … what is it? A moan? No, it’s probably a lorry crawling down the neighbour street…

5 thoughts on “Sensual deprivation bondage, street art or “The Iron Man””

  1. Believe me, being released into Birmingham is not something to hope for…the best you can say for the place is that it’s not quite so unrelentingly grey, grim and joyless as nearby Coventry.

  2. Someone’s deviantart page. If I can find it again I’ll post a link.

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