Single-gloves for naughty little girls

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Since this post attracted very interesting comments (I would like to know your opinion on), I’m moving the article to the top.

Posted on Nov 13, 2009 @ 16:45:

John Willie in his “The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline” suggested a single-glove training to achieve a good posture (see below).

This pink satin monoglove would perfectly match a girly clothing. Something for our children? ;-P

Just like I tell my daughter from time to time: “If I notice you standing like this, I’ll bind your elbows together!”. Kidding, of course, but in every joke there is a bit of a joke 😉

Thanks to Dan for pointing me to the photo.

22 thoughts on “Single-gloves for naughty little girls”

  1. Dan,like you,I have a daughter,whose posture needs improving.I actually do put her in a single glove when she slumps.
    She is able to wear it easily with her elbows snugly together.It is a wonderful way to improve her posture and punish her when she is naughty.

  2. warren pond ” wrote:

    I have a daughter,whose posture needs improving

    How old is she? Just curious what size your single-glove is… When my kids were about 5-6yo they used to wear orthopaedic corsets to improve posture.

  3. Dan ” wrote:

    historical fiction (I’m assuming it’s fiction!)

    Yeah, sounds too fictional to me. On the other hand, you never know… Is anybody familiar with the real history of the subject?

  4. My daughter is 9.I dont know what size her single glove is bacause I had it custom made in soft white leather,so it fits her perfectly.
    I thought orthopaedic corsets were worn for weak backs.I didnt know theywere used for posture control.
    Tell me about them.

  5. Warren, if, what you said, is true and you think about it as you seem to, you are sick! As a matter of fact, I don’t believe, that any doctor in a fairly civilised country of this world would suggest a monoglove for improving posture of children.

    In case, your post was meant to be a joke only: I think that jokes about children and BDSM toys should be clearly marked as such, if they have to be made at all, because this is a very questionable subject.

  6. Warren Pond ” wrote:

    I thought orthopaedic corsets were worn for weak backs.I didnt know theywere used for posture control.

    Yes, there are special corsets designed for this purpose. I’m afraid we threw them out just before the New Year, because our kids are too big for them 😉 But you can find some “constructions” here: posture correctors.

  7. I learned about single gloves from John Willie’s story.My wife and I were very interested in it,and she agreed to wear one,because her posture needed improving.
    I had one made for her,and she wears it for short periods every day,and her posture has certainly improved.
    Now my daughter wants to be like Mommy and wear one too.They like wearing them at the same time together,which I think is a very good idea.

  8. Actually, if it’s fun, not dangerous, does not hurt, does not disturb neighbours, improve posture and legal – I see no problems (apart from the single-gloves cost much more than orthopaedic corsets).

    As an example, see this funny plastic mummification video (Caterpillar challenge):


    I see nothing but pure fun and physical exercises.

  9. Thank you for your approval.This is something we do privately as a family,and the three of us enjoy it.

  10. I wouldn’t call this “an approval” (only as a moderator/administrator?). I can’t say: “Yeah, go for it!” or “NO! No way!!!”. I simply do not know. The subject is indeed very delicate.

    As I’ve said, from the “legal” point of view, I see no issues: no child abuse (she’s happy, you do not force her to put it on), no sexual abuse.

    From the physiological point of view kids are usually more flexible, it should be much easier than gymnastics.

    From the psychological point of view, the “end result” might be quite unpredictable. But if done “correctly”, if it’s just a game or training… I would probably suggest you also wear a single-glove from time to time to make less difference between a man and a woman. Not sure, though…

    From the public opinion pint of view… You know, it’s definitely no accepted. You might always be afraid of “what happens if your daughter tells anybody?” If it’s normal in your family, why shouldn’t it be normal in others? Imagine if during a dinner with your friends she will ask “How often do you wear your single-glove”?

    I have a similar experience, when my daughter said “Dad is wearing Mom’s swimsuit!” (it’s just one of her usual jokes). Yes, my parents were also there 😉

  11. My daughter is an obedient well behaved child and does what her mother and I ask her to do.
    We have told her that her mother and her single gloves are a family secret and not mention them to anyone else.
    She has said fine.She loves the idea of keeping secrets,so we are not concerned that she might talk about them.

  12. Warren, I still hope that your posts are simply provocative fiction!

    One thought: If you think, using an armbinder on your daughter, is appropriate, where do you draw the line for other games? And what do you think, she will experience, once she finds out, that armbinders are fetish items? Unless, this is just a story, you put a shitload of responsibility for the family privacy on the small shoulders of your daughter!

  13. Strappado ” wrote:

    armbinders are fetish items?

    I would say more specifically – a dedicated bondage item, because virtually anything can be a fetish object.

    You’ve just mentioned two things I have my biggest concerns about:

    Number 1:
    Strappado ” wrote:

    where do you draw the line for other games?

    Number 2 (I also mentioned this earlier):
    Strappado ” wrote:

    you put a shitload of responsibility for the family privacy on the small shoulders of your daughter

    If this story is true, I think this is what’s going on (Warren, please correct me if I’m wrong.)

    You and your wife have a fetish & bondage lifestyle. Of course, there is nothing wrong about it. But generally speaking you have to hide your gear from the kids. However, it’s not possible for the long time bondage, especially if you can’t play outside of the house or you can’t leave your daughter with someone else while you’re playing.

    One of the possible solutions is to wear some bondage/fetish attributes (leather, latex, heels, collars, single-gloves) openly, while hiding the sexual or erotic “context” (“single-gloves are good for posture”).

    The other fetish items and materials are just a different styles of clothes, there’s practically nothing to worry about it. My kids see me wearing pantyhose, swimsuits. leotards, neoprene suits, some latex items since they were born. And they do not notice any differences in my behaviour, while I wearing them. Yes, these are my fetishes, but I say only 95% of the truth (I wear it because I like it, I like how it feels, I like how it looks, I like how it supports my muscles, nylon protects my skin, etc). This is all true, I never lie to my kids.

    I just do not tell them, that all these stuff can be very stimulating. Besides, this is very personal, they may have any other fetishes.

    But back to the single-gloves. If a kid sees something interesting, he asks why? and can I try that on? That was never a problem for our kids. High heels? Sure! Just try not to fall and not to break the shoes. My daughter has so many tights (Wolford, Falke, Oroblu) that some women would envy. She’s got high heeled shoes and boots (with up to 5″ heels). She does not ask about latex, though. Too expensive and not practical.

    So, the question “can I wear a single-glove” is a very logical question. I would answer “No, because the single-gloves are intended for non-growing bones, but you bones and joints are still flexible and sensitive, so the glove might harm them. You have to grow first, then you can wear whatever you want. Also you can’t drink alcohol, because you are growing. And you can’t drive a car, because your brain needs learning and training and it’s also still growing”.

    But “trying” the single-glove on – would be no problem. It’s usually easier to allow once (children will forget about it soon), than to constantly explain why not.

    But the kid may like it. Also because it makes him or her look like an adult. Yeah, typical. It’s just another exterior attribute of the adult life. “See, I look like my Mom! I’m not a child anymore!” Yeah, just another game…

    Personally, I wouldn’t do it. But if there is nothing else involved, and this “kink” works brilliantly as “a stopper” for other questions and not appropriate wishes, and it’s absolutely not possible to isolate the children from seeing some attributes, and if you are ready for serious questions (should the secret be revealed), than, probably, it might not harm…

  14. Back to the kids.

    Some more random thoughts and brain dumps. When I was a kid I dreamed about being bound in swimsuit and pantyhose. See Self-bondage, fetish and children thread.

    People belonging to the same psychological group/types react, think and feel more or less the same (see Questionable Posts on this Website (Children, adults, fetish, bondage) thread). They live in harmony and understanding. Different groups have different values. Some are creative and spontaneous, some methodological and hierarchy oriented, some have victims and masters.

    What is normal, usual and valuable in one group, may look weird and unacceptable in another. I’m not talking about perversions, deviations and abnormalities here.

    Actually, this is a very interesting subject (in different contexts and from different points of view).


    These photos were taken illegally from my site and I am personally the model.

    While I appreciate that you liked the photos, as a mother, I will not have my photos stolen and then attributed to any type of harm to a child.


  16. Speaking of the images. I found them on Tumblr, no website is mentioned on the photos, and I can’t find them on If someone wants references or permissions, why not to watermark pictures with the website URL’s? Google is also not able to find them. Most likely they are never to be seen.

    Could you please explain me why to take great photos and then hide them forever?

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