Mermaids, dreams and transparent (tail | self-bondage body bag)

mermaid with a transparent tailIt always depends on the point of view and pervy imagination.

Some people would see a cute manga girl putting on a beautiful mermaid tail with squid-like fins. But some people (including myself) would jump on their places with “WOW! What a beautiful seamless self-bondage body bag made out of transparent latex or silicone! It should tightly embrace you like a vacuum sack! I want one! Oh, yeah, the kid is cute too. When I was a kid I would give everything for such a bag!”

Indeed, there are 10 types of people. Those who understand binary and those who do not…

3 thoughts on “Mermaids, dreams and transparent (tail | self-bondage body bag)”

  1. by both i meant the binary joke and the reference to bondage/fetish ness

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