Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 36. Bondage and self-bondage friends

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It’s very convenient to have a reliable, trustworthy bondage partner who can tie you up, etc (see Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 20. Bondage, self-bondage, trust and responsibility). If you have experienced and interested partners with similar interests (read fetishes), the sky is the limit. You can’t achieve that in self-bondage.

But friends with similar interests can be very helpful in self-bondage too. Not only for a good advice, but also for the safety reason. Just in case if something goes wrong and you do not have a backup release method, or that method fails, or if you stuck in a new suit (see, for example, My first shiny blue metallic zentai suit – I was barely able to get out, and it was pretty much hot outside).

I bet there are selfbondagers in every city. It would be nice to have a network of people practising selfbondage. And before a session anybody could notify the available friends that if he or she does not appear online after xxx hours, he or she needs to be rescued. Or prepare an emergency SMS that can be fired off with a single push of a button (any advices here?).

But I would not use your friends as the only way out (see Selfbondage with release by another). Dangerous and … not fair…

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