Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 12. Fetish, bondage and natural progress

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Another point. Do you remember the first time you put on thin nylon pantyhose?In my case it was instant erection. Or a one piece swimsuit? Instant erection again. A swimsuit with pantyhose? You guessed right. Then came more. Pantyhose on arms, head, bondage, vibrators, latex, plugs, bigger plugs, enema, etc.

As kids we begin to explore our body. It hurts here, it hurts there, but if your do this, this and that, it creates very pleasurable sensation. Some stop there, but some become more curious. Our appetite grows, we need more physical and mental stimulation.

Is it upward or downward spiral? I would say upward. It’s just a part of education, training, development of our mind, taste, senses, awareness. We start with the alphabet, then move to more advanced books, then to new languages. We begin with trying to sit up, then stand up, then walking, running, swimming. If we want, need, find interesting, necessary, pleasurable, we can read more, run faster and swim longer. We listen to more complex music, we drink more “refined” tea or wine.

Not everything is for everyone. Some find the solid state physics much more interesting than polyphony of Bach or polyrhythm of “King Crimson”. Just like some prefer total latex encasement. Why are fetish and bondage different from fine wine, music or sport? They are, in fact, not 😉

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