Shiny metallic hooded swimsuits and bondage clothes

EBay becomes more and more inspiring. Another find: a shiny metallic swimsuits with hoods (found in Venom Vault shop). At first I was thinking about swimming: “Hmmm… I wonder if you can swim with the hood on. Or off…”

Then my wife said:”Just add mini-shorts (and “shiny pantyhose!” I added immediately 😉 and you get a perfect disco or party outfit”. Indeed, one piece (or one-piece 😉 of clothes that makes the look.

Then I thought, that it would be an interesting idea to wear a hooded suit the other way around, with the hood in the front. And look at the photo below – the ideas are flying around 😉

What is not pictured is two swimsuits, one worn normally and the other one with the hood in the front, so you can choose how to wear them: one at a time (with your face open or covered) or both simultaneously…

And my imagination is boiling again: both hoods on and add collar (and a gag?), insert both arms inside (behind the back) and add a belt, etc. A swimsuit becomes bondage clothes!

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