What are these pantyhose made of? Latex?

Found this photo (without any comments) on tumblr. Any ideas what these pantyhose or stockings are made of? Latex (the easiest variant but I’m not certain)? PVC (the skirt is made of PVC)? Metallic coated lycra/spandex?

12 thoughts on “What are these pantyhose made of? Latex?”

  1. Ebay has something that looks this.
    Latex pantyhose, Black

    Item # 150776489582


  2. Maybe someone Dipped her in latex? Now that may feel icky, But there will be no seams and it will move with you.
    Untill you play Banana.. 🙂

  3. I tweaked your post, so the items are clickable now.

    Mostly lycra and latex leggings.

    D.V. ” wrote:

    Item number: 130635692564

    Terrible fit 😀

  4. well, I used Google Image Similar Service and in a Tumblr they just write on the title “pure polymer” maybe thats where you get it from

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