Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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French maids in latex and bondage art Part VI. Or cleaning as a fetish sport

See Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V.

You may already know that my usual jogging attire is a neoprene catsuit or a short thin neoprene swimsuit with shiny pantyhose (see What is the fetish sport #1? Jogging and Running Or my new neoprene wetsuit and Jogging in pantyhose zentai and rubber catsuit). Only when the temperature raises to +25 I change into a t-shirt with leggings or bike shorts with pantyhose.

Yesterday it was about +9°C so I was wearing a thin neoprene full wetsuit (with long sleeves and long legs). When I got back home, I thought: “Since I’m already dressed in rubber, I can make use of it and [read more…]

Fetish, bondage, art, French maids and politics. Part V

See Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

French maids are irreplaceable not only in hotels. And not only in self-bondagers dreams, fetish art, bondage comics, vintage erotic photography and role plays.

But also in the dirty political games. Remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn who (with some little help from a French maid) was very effectively removed from the chair of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and from the list of president candidates? Or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s family?

French maids can be nasty, dangerous and yet addicting. They can ruin your career and family, but also can bring some interesting minutes you will remember all your life. (You decide good or bad ;-) )

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French maids, you, latex, fetish, art. Part IV

See Part I, Part II, Part III

Some people (P1) pay others (P2) for :

  • P2 clean up houses of P1
  • P2 (in French maid uniform) clean up houses of P1
  • P2 have sex with P1
  • P1 tie up P2 (in French maid uniform)
  • P2 (in French maid uniform) have sex with P1
  • P2 (in French maid uniform) have sex with P1 (in French maid uniform)
  • P2 tie up P1 (in French maid uniform)
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Hotel maids. Myths, fiction, art and reality. Part III

bound and gagged maidSee Part I and Part II.

Interesting thing. Maids are mostly (not many exceptions) depicted in (severe) bondage and in distress. But lots of self-bondagers (who play in hotels) dream of being discovered by a hotel maid. She (yes, it’s always “she”) would take advantage of their helpless state and keep then bound, gagged, used and humiliated for days.

12 drawings below. If you have related pictures, post them in this forum thread.
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Hotel maids. Myths, fiction, art and reality. Part II

bound french maids in latexSee Part I

French maids are often depicted wearing extremely high heels or bound, what (logically thinking) would affect their ability to perform their duties. In some cases high heels do help (squatting, for example, is easier if you are wearing heels), but bondage never helps much (only one exception comes to my mind – a proper gag decreases the amount of noise).

If maids do not perform (how can you perform if your hands are bound?) they are punished. The punishment usually includes more bondage and tight fetish clothes (corsets, latex, hoods), what further diminishes the maids performance.

12 drawings below
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Hotel maids. Myths, fiction, art and reality. Part I

This is what Wiki says about “maids”:

latex maid -05A maidservant or in current usage maid is a female employed in domestic service. Maids perform typical domestic chores such as cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, walking the family dog, and taking care of children.

Many maids are required by their employers to wear a uniform.

A bit more about the uniform:

French maid refers to a strongly modified style of servant’s dress that evolved from typical maids’ black and white afternoon uniforms of the nineteenth century (and their later use by stereotypical characters in risqué burlesque dramas of the bedroom farce variety). The designs of the French maid dress can range widely from a conservative look to very revealing. It is now often associated with cosplay, sexual roleplaying, and fetishism. Depending on design details, some forms can be classified as lingerie.

I would add that French maid uniform looks very similar to the old Soviet school uniform. (See this post and this) No wonder that the latter has also formed a strong fetish.

12 drawings below.
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Want the latex Rubbermaid’s suit invented by Masakazu Shimizu?

Rubbermaid in a latex suit on the streetThe fans of Masakazu Shimizu may remember the drawing on the left. Though The Rubbermaid mentioned people’s reaction “checking on her up and down” and that she was drenched in sweat during a hot autumn day, the most unusual thing is that this shop makes her outfit.

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