Several publications in various magazines (Complex, Loaded) suddenly “clicked” into one “evolution” line:

Scene 1. Katy Perry in her typical “playful” appearance: glossy brownish-brassy-coloured bodysuit or leotard, shimmering transparent brown pantyhose with lacy stockings appearance. But her eyes show aggression.

Scene 2. Brown turns into black. Black “plastic” bra, black strappy swimsuit, Wolford stocking-like pantyhose (they are even called stockings in the description, see the photo below). Everything gets darker.

Scene 3. Katy in a “cage”. Same outfit. Black&white photo. More BDSM mood.

Scene 4. Strappy top, leather waist-cincher, Kova&T wetlook leggings, very dominatrix expression.

Scene 5. Black latex (or latex-like) top, handcuffed hands and dreamy vulnerable expression. Dark red velvet background, black outfit and hair, white innocent skin. Typical BDSM attributes.

See also Katy Perry in latex, pantyhose, stockings, catsuits, leotards, etc.