Stumbled upon on eBay. Vintage nylon full-fashioned stockings

Flea markets are addictive. Internet auctions are addictive. Fetish is addictive. I notice lots of interesting things but other forget to bookmark or lose the bookmark so I decided to create a dedicated tag, called Stumbled upon on eBay and post all items what caught my attention (with explanation “why”) there.

vintage_stockings_on_sale_01What: Vintage 100% nylon full-fashioned (with back seam) stockings.

Where: eBay item, more from the same seller (when the item expires, you may find similar items in the seller’s shop)

Why: transparency. Sheer transparency. You can read a news paper through 4 layers of the thin nylon! Such stockings will not hide anything, but will add a subtle shimmering shade (and seams, of course) to your legs. Since nylon is not that stretchy as spandex or lycra, you will feel the delicate but tight fabric every time you make a step or bend your knees.

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