Good style, bad pantyhose

Girl in pantyhose andminiskirt on a bicycle - ph-bike-02Bad (low quality, dull, soggy, itchy, scratchy) pantyhose must be banned. Period. You can buy decent transparent pantyhose with spandex/lycra for as less as €1 in supermarkets. I do know. I did test them. I do buy pantyhose in supermarkets. Even my wife likes some of them. Even after Wolford, Falke, Oroblu and Maxmara.

Thanks to Porter.

6 thoughts on “Good style, bad pantyhose”

  1. But Ra…

    A pretty Girl, great legs, wearing pantyhose, with a short skirt, riding a bike…

    To complain about the pantyhose is a fine thing – if you see such sites every day. But us mere mortals must be greatful for any treat we can get… and she does look a treat.

    Obviously mainland Europe offers a much greater supply of such delights than soggy old England does, so you can afford to seek perfection!



  2. I honestly do not understand why women keep buying disgusting pantyhose and keep complaining about them at the same time. They buy crap and whine. They do not know how to properly put them on and hate them for that.

    No, really…

  3. haha you guys are both too extreme, it looks sexy, but yes the hose are crap and outdated. I’m perfectly happy with girls in america and their hose choices 🙂 (except maybe my girl who doesnt like to wear hose)

  4. I particularly hate a bad fit at the ankle. A slight wrinkle at the back of a bent knee is fine 😉

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