Mizuno and Speedo s2000 Latex wetlook shiny Swimsuits on eBay. Updated.

Updated on Nov 21, 2011 @18:51: Several rare Mizuno swimsuits (including a shiny white version) are now on sale on eBay! Check this Swiss shop for more interesting swimsuits and leotards (a waterpolo Speedo one-piece swimsuit for men, white Speedo Icon swimsuit with long sleeves, etc.)

Thanks to Trayo!

And a pair of red Mizuno water-polo swimsuits from this UK shop.

Black, white, red. Are there any blue swimsuits from Mizuno around?

Updated on Nov 06, 2011 @ 14:50:
I could not believe my eyes when I saw what the lucky guys are ready to pay for these swimsuits!

Updated on Oct 26, 2011 @ 00:42:

Two more shiny Mizuno swimsuits on eBay:

  • Mizuno suit #1
    Sold for EUR 628,98!!!!! (16 bidders, 65 bids)
  • Mizuno suit #2
    Sold for GBP 330.00. Approximately US $526.15!!! (13 bidders, 50 bids). The seller’s got other interesting suits in his shop.

And added more photos.

Updated on Jun 06, 2010 @ 02:53:

The swimsuit has been sold for …. (drummmmm) … $283.88 (GBP 195)!!!! I think it’s several times more than it originally costed. 36 bids! About 10 people were fighting for that exceptional piece of garment.

At first I thought… $283.88… For this amount of money I can buy a latex catsuit, or several leotards, or three pairs of transparent latex pantyhose, or … But then I recalled my own article I wrote about water-polo. It’s not that simple….

Sport clothes is a special subject. It may look like you can buy a similar coated swimsuit off FetsFash or eBay. It will probably shine on the photo, but … For how long? Will it fit? Will it be tight and elastic? (See, for example, this post). “Fetish” leotards are made for “usual” averagely built people. Not for sporters with athletic figures. Even for my figure I can’t find a suitable size table. Either the “waist” is too loose, or the “shoulders” are too narrow, or the “neck” cuts most of the oxygen.

But the women’s professional water-polo swimsuits fit me perfectly. They are tight as a corset, they get even tighter in underwater (unlike their “shiny coated fetish analogues”), they do not tear and wear, they withstand aggressive swimming pool water (chlorine + urine ;-). Generally they are built to last, but because of the nature of the sport the suits are made for, nobody expects them to survive more than a one competition season. Add some shine like on the sold suit (or think of Speedo s2000) and you’ll get a perfect fetish attire you’ll never find in any off-line or on-line fetish shops. Moreover, these suits are not produced anymore. Sport industry does not care about us perverts.

Hence the price …

Updated on Jun 04, 2010 @ 03:07 with two more photos.

Posted on Jun 1, 2010 @ 1:29:

This is what the eBay advertisement says: “Navy Mizuno Speedo s2000 Latex Swimsuit Wetlook Lycra”. Too many mutually exclusive words, I doubt that the suit contains latex, also it’s not “Speedo s2000” (though resembles it), but the photos say enough – this water-polo swimsuit looks great, it’s shiny, and it’s very tight.

Yes, it’s tight, especially if you consider the size… Unfortunately, too small for me… But if you are not too big, have a girlfriend or a kid, check this ad out.

33 thoughts on “Mizuno and Speedo s2000 Latex wetlook shiny Swimsuits on eBay. Updated.”

  1. this is fantastic, i love the zipper back
    too bad im tall, or id buy it in a minute

  2. clam ” wrote:

    id buy it in a minute

    It was too expensive, and the guy (I bet it was a guy) who bought the suit would not stop ad $250.

  3. I had no idea Speedo had stopped manufacturing the Hydrosuits. I’d best take more care of mine then…

  4. Not quite as nice but an alternative?


  5. HI, I was wondering if you knew who the lady is? this is in my opinion the perfect figure and one I would love to have. thanks for all your effort on here.
    cindy x x x

  6. Thanks for those links. I don’t think, ebay is a good place for bargains on such a swimsuit, but one can always try. I like faily inexpensive The Dominater trueWest rubber suit too. The mizuno suit from the Japanese link looks nicer, just the price…

  7. hi oh yea gratulation 😉 600 euro 😉 respeckt dann habe habe ich ja 1800 euro da leigen 😉 lol ich habe mir grade nen neuen weissen gekauft 😉 der geht dann auch ins ebay 😉 .

  8. I have seen a couple of Swiss fetish online-shops and the prices look alike. Swiss fetishists must have a lot of money!

  9. By the way, the “cheap” polo suits around 70 Euro earlier in this Blog look nice. Rubber on lycra, probably not too bad either.

  10. Strappado ” wrote:

    the “cheap” polo suits around 70 Euro

    Yeah, I wouldn’t say cheap. I bought my Speedo water-polo swimsuit for €40 in Karstadt-Sport (see, for example /blog/wp/archives/5229 ).

    Strappado ” wrote:

    earlier in this Blog look nice

    Which ones?

  11. Oh, yes, agree about truWest (I mentioned them here: /blog/wp/archives/204) . I would prefer to have a higher Speedo-like collar, but Mizuno does not have it either.

  12. the trueWest suits are out of production too. I think, I have seen a note somewhere, that such swimsuits were banned by new regulations for water polo.

  13. I even asked truewest by email, if they had any remaining stock or return shipments – none.

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