Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Sean Harper. Part VI. Kids and sacks

sh-00612See other parts.

As I mentioned, at first the Internet solved “I’m pervert and I’m alone!” issue. It turned out that I was not alone and I’m not actually a pervert.

Then the stream of photos, drawings, stories, forum posts, candids, scans began to “settle down” and got filtered by the “internal resonances”. One of such resonances was sacks.

When I was a kid (see also Self-bondage, fetish and children), one of my bondage fantasies was being bound in a sack. No wonder, in fairy-tales and kids films, small boys and girls are usually kidnapped in sacks. Being in a sack already means bondage, it does not matter if the person inside is tied up, but I always imagined (and still imagine) that he or she is bound and gagged (mm.. ok, and plugged as well). In fact, I imagine myself, of course.

So I was in constant search for big sacks or bags regardless the material. Eventually I found a rubberized sack I could get completely in (see this post).

Nowadays, I would prefer smooth and shiny spandex, latex, darlex, but this Sean Harper’s photo session I found on the Internet in the 90’s still “resonates” and reminds me of the times when I tried to squeeze into a tiny, made from cannabis fiber, old potato sack.

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