Business trip. Morning-Day 2. My swimsuit style

water-polo swimsuit for menI have two big fetishes since my early childhood: pantyhose and swimsuits. I wear pantyhose 24×7, so let’s integrate swimsuits into the everyday life!

The first picture shows my “breakfast” style. As you can see my old water-polo swimsuit is not hidden at all, but rather a bit covered. It looks like a shiny lycra black t-shirt with a zipper. Nothing special 😉

On the next two pictures the swimsuit is hidden under a t-shirt, but the top is always visible. And, of course, I was wearing shiny pantyhose underneath.

This was my “style” for the next two business trip days.

4 thoughts on “Business trip. Morning-Day 2. My swimsuit style”

  1. Question,
    How long does it take to use the restroom when you have to compleatly undress just to take a crap?
    1) remove shirt. 2) remove swimsuit. 3) pull down pantyhose. 4) do the duty….. And 5) reverse the order.

    Takes a bit of time, doesn’t it?

  2. If you are wearing a leotard or a swimsuit with pantyhose under you “norma” clothes, you do not have to undress if you need to go to the toilet – just move the bottom part of the swimsuit aside and pull down the pantyhose.

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