What are you wearing? Demotivators of the day

Lady Arrakis' fetish and bondage artSimplicity does not always work like it should. There is nothing simpler than two naked bodies making sex with each other. But we want to spice things up, we need details, attributes, special materials, certain colours, icings to spawn, keep or increase the excitement.

Not bare skin, but shiny latex or nylon. Not just a baggage strap with a ratchet, but neat rows of glossy rope. Not masturbation with your lead hand, but desperate convulsive jerks of self-trussed, self-bound, self-plugged and self-gagged own body. Not an old egg-shaped vibrator, but a multichannel oscilloscope-like device, wires, USB cables, connectors, gel-pads, tri-phase electrostimulation and specially crafted musical files with hands free orgasm symphonies.

No, we are not looking for easy ways… And all that hassle is just for an internal and external erection…

By Lady Arrakis

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