Black and white sensual stories. Andy Julia photography

Why can’t I just repost a photo or a drawing I stumbled upon on tumblr, facebook, *chan or various forums and shut up? Why am I so curious that I begin to search the source, who the author is, what else he/she does? Why do I spent my time and energy to compose these messages which nobody reads, cares of or gives me money for? Yeah, demotivated again…

OK, some useless details you do not want to know anyway. The author is Andy Julia, a freelance photographer from Paris. Books, exhibitions, on-line and off-line galleries… All that stuff you can find on his website Andy Julia Photography, isn’t it what it was created for?

And the reason why I bothered with typing is that these photos “work“. I would like to be in these clothes, these situations, “to touch and feel”. These moody photos tell stories and … motivate my imagination

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