What is the fetish sport #1? Roller derby or girls in fishnets and men in shiny pantyhose

Long-long-long time ago I stumbled upon a photo of a girl in tight jeans shorts, shiny skin coloured pantyhose and in-line skates. That photo (made by Boris Fomin, who later became Olga Fomina, yes, you guessed correctly) was the beginning of another big fetish of mine: skating in roller roller blades and shiny pantyhose. (Didn’t I mention this story before?)

Unfortunately, not many skate in pantyhose and let others take and publish photos of them.

Fortunately, there is a sport, where not only girls (who always wear pantyhose, usually fishnets but also coloured or mixed tights) but even boys can show up in shiny pantyhose.

See the photos and art below and visit the dedicated forum thread: Another fetish sport: Roller Derby? (Thanks to Culmor!)

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