Antonio Berardi, Victoria Beckham and crazy boots

VIctoria Beckham Antonio Berardi PVC bootsUpdated on Sep 14, 2010 @ 19:17: Added 3 very hi-rez photos and a PDF file with an article by a fashion writer Georgia Dehn who spent a whole day in Victoria’s boots.

Posted on Nov 22, 2008 @ 23:48:
These are the crazy boots featured in the Crazy fashion: latex catsuit… post.


  • designer: Antonio Berardi
  • when: fall 2008
  • what: ready to wear boots
  • material: PVC
  • height: 5½”, no heel
  • price: £3,300, made to order
  • how many: 60+ pairs have been made and sold
  • quotes:

    They are perfectly balanced. When the girls come for fittings, they look a bit daunted, but by the end they say it’s just like wearing a regular shoe

    The fashion house spokesman:

    The shoe has a bigger platform sole which stretches back further than normal and gives support under the arch of the foot.

    When walking though, you have to put your toe rather than your heel down first and you cannot wear them for very long. They are not dangerous because you would have to lean quite far back before you fell over.

    Medical experts:

    .. the boots could lead to permanent physical damage if worn regularly.

Blogs and news sites say that the boots are made out of PVC, but I do agree with many comments that the material (look at Posh’s legs) does look like badly polished latex. There is no information on Berardi’s website.

This is the video from the new fragrance presentation:

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  1. do the boots include the lycra/pvc legging? or does it just happen that all the models are wearing leggings

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