What to get for my birthday?

Usually, I do not expect (yes, my expectations have been changed during the last years 😉 huge participation in discussions, comments, etc. but now I urgently need your money advice (hmmm…. expectations again?).

My birthday is in a couple of weeks. Hence the question: what fetish present do I want?

First of all it should be functional and flexible in terms of possible usage. Second, it should not be too expensive.

Some candidates:

  • Elypse Art plug.
    At first I thought about getting the Vixen, but the Magic seems more adequate to use as a deep throat gag. And the Vixen would an ideal as an inflatable enema butt-plug. The price is the same for both $125 + squirting (read: enema) option $60 + suction cup $20 + delivery $13 = $218
  • Latex hood with built-in long breath through gag.
    The maximum length of the gag is 10cm, what is not enough to be called “deep throat” but quite close. Not sure about the diameter. The maximum is 4cm, next step is 3cm. I would probably go for the maximum 10x4cm with 10mm breathing hole which can be connected to a piss condom. The price is $52.65 for the hood + $26.35 for the rear zipper + $12.85 for 0.8mm thickness (do I need it?) + delivery = $100 max
  • Electro Stimulation devices.
    I have absolutely no experience with e-stim stuff but always wanted to try them out. To start with I need the TENS unit, a butt-plug, a cock-ring and a couple of more electrodes. Not sure if the e-stim devices are compatible with latex enclosure and piss/enema scenarios. The price will be around $200-250.
  • Latex pantyhose with piss condom
    After one very intense session I turned the pantyhose into leggings. I still love them, so the options either to get new ones (€169) or buy royal blue latex knee highs (€79) to synthesize the look of tights. The whole construction will not be hermetic (the original idea) but much more practical and comfortable (the tights are a bit too short, you can replace the socks, the knee highs have 2mm holes in the toe region for additional comfort).
  • Separate dildo-set + closed latex mask
    Instead of hoods and shorts with built-in gags/dildos buy a set of rubber plugs (3×12, 4×15, 4.5×17.5 + enema variant) and use them as replaceable deep throat gags or glue them inside the shorts at the correct place). The price is from €12 to €30 for one plug.
  • Good elastic zentai suit
    I had a bad experience with my previous zentai suit, but I like the look. Still can’t find a suitable design/size chart/look/colour. Price ~€100
  • Corset
    I’ve got a leather corset but it’s too big for me and I do not like the shape. I do not have any preferences for the material (leather or rubber), but the laces must be in the front for tightening without any assistance. Easily the most expensive item. €350?
  • New padded cuff/collar set
    I have one set but it’s too small and I do not like the construction. ~€100?
  • 7″ ballet boots
    I can’t walk on such high heels, but they are very effective for self-bondage sessions. ~$200
  • Something else?

Of course, I want everything plus swimsuits, latex hobble dresses, single-gloves etc (I have a loooooong wish list), but I have limited funds and, as I said before, I would like the most functional items first. Or just pay for the site for the whole year? ;-D

Any ideas? Advices? Hints? Clues?

10 thoughts on “What to get for my birthday?”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to suggest for a zentai suit.

    But dont go for the metalic ones – they are less strechier than the “normal” ones.

    p.s. Hoods and plugs are cool too. May be you have to throw dice which to buy 🙂

  2. krinlyc ” wrote:

    But dont go for the metalic ones – they are less strechier than the “normal” ones.

    True, but still want it shiny. Also, I want the ropes to be visible on the suit. Any ideas about the colour of the suit? Black is always good, but boring. Dark blue? Red?

    krinlyc ” wrote:

    Hoods and plugs are cool too

    Need some good plugs… And still looking for a reasonable plug to use as a gag. The Elypse ones are excellent, but too expensive.

  3. Hi,

    there are shiny suits which arent metallic.

    Hmm, the color of the suit should depend on the color of your rope…. White rope is on a black suit visible.
    Black rope on a red suit …..

    I have a blue suit. the color is steel blue and its shiny.
    Although the manufactor does not exist anymore.


  4. krinlyc ” wrote:

    the color of the suit should depend on the color of your rope….

    I have black, (rather thin) white and beige ropes. Most used are black and beige. So, I think blue should work.

  5. As for the corset, a proper corset laces in the back, and you can lace it unassisted in the back easily after a few tries. You can also put the lace loops around the handle of a door and walk away from the door to pull the laces very tight.

  6. e-stim devices for sure

    u Definitively need to try experiencing this very arrousing sensation !

  7. I spent a couple of days reading various materials on e-stim and … gave up. The best devices are very expensive, the lesser ones are either not versatile or powerful enough. And you need some toys. I think the whole package will cost around $700-800 minimum.


    o- the result is not guaranteed
    o- difficult to use in self-bondage (my style)

    But I will keep an eye on the subject. If I manage to get some money from the site, I might consider buying “a test box”.

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