And another post asking for money opinion! (The first one was about my birthday).

What would you like to see new, changed, improved, removed, updated, redesigned on the site? The utter goal is to attract more visitors and to increase participation.

Does anybody want his/her own blog on this website? Free of charge, of course? Local social networking? What about a chat function? It can be a separate application or an integrated ICQ client. A on-line drawing tool/board (oekaki-like)? On-line games? Portal functions? A possibility to create groups/community? A separate photo/art sharing board? Add a Shop?

In the nearest future I would like to do the following:

  • Completely redesign the Links and move them under the WordPress (the blogging software). Currently the links are neither updated nor looked at.
  • Replace as many static pages with blog posts as possible. That will make the referral and searching systems much easier to implement.
  • Redesign the menus. They are not quite up-to-date. For example, add “About”, “FAQ” and remove “Updates”.
  • At first I was going to integrate the site and Facebook, but since my FB account was inadvertently deleted for no reason, I’m not sure I will invest time to move in this direction. But if you think you can benefit from such application, I’m ready to reconsider, reregister and revive.

All your ideas are more than welcome!