Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Sexy woman high waist rubber latex pencil skirt long skirt exotic costumes

anime bondage
Japanese Cosplay Retro Fox Anime Cat Mask Female Fetish BDSM Bondage Halloween Bunny Half Face With Bell For Masquerade Festival

Sorbern Customized Lockable Cupless Corset Women BDSM Fetish Red Patent Corset Underbust For Women Waist Slimming

male chastity
2023 Heavy Duty Metal Ball Pendant Penis Rings Ball Weight Hanger Stretcher Penis Extender Enlargement Cock Ring Male Chastity

male chastity
Fufu Clip Male Panty Chastity with Plug Upgrade Panty Chastity Device Male Mimic Female Pussy Training Clip Cock Cage Sexy

Stainless Steel Metal Chastity Cage Cock Rings with Removable Catheter Sound Horse Eye Male Bodage Sex Toys for Men G173

Wireless Remote Control Dildo Female Masturbation Sex Toys for Adult Telescopic Penis Vibrators Vagina Anal for Women Stimulator

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You’re given $1M and 1yr. to indulge your fetish(es)...
Money = No strings attached

Time = You can disappear w/out repercussions for 1 year (if you like).

What would you do? Be serious & creative...  Nyam1
Very tough question, especially when I'm trying to avoid any indulging 😁
well i'd definitely start with this

I'd put alot of the money to rent and food and obv take off work. I'd schedule out as many conventions as I could handle and visit all my kinky friends. I'd spend alot of time and money working on my DIY latex projects. Do more research into computer controlled selfbondage. probably commission 2 more kigurumi masks and get good costumes finally. 

Shit i think I still have around 700,000 left...
  • I've never attended a "Ball" or any convention before, so I think I would spend some $$$ on custom-tailored rubber and latex wear before attending.
  • I'd love to travel to Europe and experience sessions with various top-tier Dommes and learn the ins and outs of the rubber and bondage community.
  • I'd love to undergo a full Female transformation and/or Sissification session with the likes of the Rubber Sisters, etc.
  • I want to see what it's like to do a heavy rubber session or two maybe even "medical".
  • I'd like to be totally done up in full latex (mask & all) and be paraded around the streets on the leash of a gorgeous rubber-clad woman.
(13 Sep 2018, 02:40 )KageRa Wrote: Shit i think I still have around 700,000 left...
I think you already spent several millions 😁 One million is not that much if you begin to use it, yet VERY nice to have 😁
(13 Sep 2018, 04:24 )TightSlip Wrote: I'd like to be totally done up in full latex (mask & all) and be paraded around the streets on the leash of a gorgeous rubber-clad woman.
And most of the money will be spent to be released on bail 😁
Let's see... a dedicated server with a good GPU, good CPU(s), decent mirrored storage, backup, several IP's, domain names, front end cache costs at least $600 a month. That's $7200 a year or $720,000 for the next 100 years 😁

So, most of the money will be spent on an advanced LikeRa.Com website with deep-learning AI (e.g. for the ChatBot)

Oh, yes, and if I must indulge and there's some money left, then a couple of Realise swimsuits, transparent latex catsuits (e.g. this one, latex pantyhose, tight latex skirts, blouses, high heels, vacuum sacks/bags, etc 😁

Oh, kigurumi is also an option 😉
(13 Sep 2018, 02:40 )KageRa Wrote: Do more research into computer controlled selfbondage.
Yes, that's also interesting to some extent, but it would definitely require more money and a serious team with various skills.
Just checked the pricing again - the costs can go easily higher, than $1000 a month. That's $12,000 a year. So, $1M is not enough for 100 years 😁
Q: Would anyone around here take the plunge and use the money to employ the world’s best surgeons to “go all the way”?
  • Sex change surgery & hormones.
  • Full body plastic surgery (including bone & cartilage refinements).
  • Complete work to achieve full “model-quality” femininity.

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