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First Leotard-Wearing Experience
This has probably been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything so….

What was your first leotard-wearing experience? When did you get your first leotard? Who bought it (you, girlfriend, boyfriend, other?) and why? ‘Why’ meaning influence.
One peice black swimsuit.
Love the fabric.
Why? I don’t know. Nothing sexual about. Just easy to wear and it feels nice to the skin.
Why should females have all the fun.
Mine was when I was very young and still exploring my body sexually. I may have “borrowed” my sisters when everyone was out of the house and work it for a few hours.
Lot of years ago. I think i was 11 or 12. The neighbours had put out a bag with old clothing and an old leotard of there daughter was in it. It was what we call a “turnmaillot”. I took it with me and tried it on late at night, when i was sure my mother was asleep. The moment i pulled it over my legs i was hooked. A combination of “it being wrong for a boy”, the fact that it was my neighbor’s daughters thing and the lovely feeling changed my life.
Ever since then i wear leotards, one-piece swimsuits, body’s, corsets, ... almost every day.
It was the early 90's, I think I was 12 or 13 at this time. My mother was very involved in the local theater in town. As such, I was often hanging around in the venue where sets were being built and lights were being hung (foreshadowing for my current job, actually). The theater group we were involved with rented costume space at the venue where shows were produced, and since I was there and often unwatched, I had learned how to gain access to the costume storage. There lots of leotards and tights there so I borrowed some... permanently. They became my pajamas whenever I thought I could get away with not being caught wearing them... and I never was caught.

Besides the leotards I took from costume storage which I had from a quite young age, I didn't buy my own until I was in my mid 20s, I was living by myself and browsing around on ebay for good deals. Nothing spectacular but it snowballed from there. I have an entire closet full of latex and leotards now. I have far more leotards than I do street wear.

I think maybe it was slightly sexual at first but I've done it so much now that I have slight anxiety if I'm not wearing them. They've become my normal everyday underwear. God forbid I ever have a medical emergency and get rushed to the hospital, that will be quite embarrassing indeed.
only a few years ago thanks to this group... curiosity got me intrigued so I bought a swimsuit from Decathlon and have worn it a few times during sessions,
Now have about 4 I think from Lycra to Latex.. 😁
Mine actually was through modeling, although I wasn’t a model… entirely.  

My experience is kind of like essanym’s, my mother had a semi-large aerobic business from the early 1980’s to mid 90’s. She taught at local church basements, rec centers and some school gyms. I guess by the late 80’s into 90’s her business was successful, I asked how many clients she had and she thought maybe 300 with 4 instructors including herself. 

In the 80’s she would take me with her while she taught classes, and I never noticed the dance wear until much later when the sport went shiny spandex and high cut legs. That’s when it took a more sexy turn. 

The local dance wear shops would set aside new clothing for my mom to pick through first and from there, shop owners introduced her to brand reps. My mom wore nothing but spandex tights, unitards, biketards, spandex shorts and leotards everywhere, including to pick me up from school, grocery shopping, etc. and it was perfectly okay, since aerobics became THE workout for all women at the time. 

One of the reps eventually became my moms closest friend and moved into our neighborhood. She had Dance France and Casall, and later Gilda Marx/Flexatard. In 1989 she had a sports show with a booth and a booked model who cancelled last minute. This was a big show since Dance France was launching ribbed spandex dance wear. She couldn’t find a replacement so her and my mom talked me into doing it, I was 14 and tall and skinny like a beanpole. I remember them getting me to try on this orange ribbed spandex unitard with stirrups and saying wow, this is going to work or something like it. Then a royal blue leotard thong with high cut legs and being satisfied with how I looked. My mom had a wig that matched my hair color and with a little makeup, nobody knew anything. My moms friend then offered to pay me $300 for the day which blew my mind. So I modeled a navy blue ribbed spandex stirrup unitard with a bright yellow ribbed spandex 3/4 length sleeve mock neck leotard thong with a matching yellow head-band over the wig, yellow sweatband cuffs on my wrists, yellow leg warmers and a navy blue spandex belt with black aerobic high top sneakers. 

I really didn’t notice how awesome it all felt until about half way through the day when I let my guard down and realized nobody would recognize me. Every woman that came to the booth asked if I was her daughter and then wanted my yellow leotard. 

At the end, I remember her telling me to stay in the outfit and change at home and during the car ride I started to notice how tight it felt and the pull of the leotard in the front of my crotch and in between my butt cheeks. The part of the thong that sits right above the the butt and how soft and smooth the spandex felt. Having the tight stirrups added to the euphoric feeling also. 

After that I modeled a few more times for her and got to try on tons of dance wear and that’s when I really started to appreciate how the spandex felt on and the tight feeling of the material. I literally would daydream in school about wearing a leotard and couldn’t wait to get home to try more on. I loved wearing them all the time and ended up modeling for other reps so I could wear their brands. Eventually I signed with a sportswear agency who booked me for similar jobs and I was known for my leotard’esque body with long lanky legs, long torso and long pelvis which made high cut leotards look good. All of that eventually landed me a role in a NY fashion show for Donna Karen, who chose me to wear one of her bodysuits. I’ll always remember that experience because they taught me to wear pantyhose which was a requirement.  

I haven’t modeled for decades, but the whole experience left a life long impression that has continued. 

Anyway that’s my experience! Sorry for the long post!  😁
(17 Feb 2020, 11:32 )ltxrob Wrote: only a few years ago thanks to this group... Now have about 4 I think from Lycra to Latex.
One of the cases when I do not regret spoiling another person with my fetishes 😋
(19 Feb 2020, 19:08 )Like Ra Wrote:
(17 Feb 2020, 11:32 )ltxrob Wrote: only a few years ago thanks to this group... Now have about 4 I think from Lycra to Latex.
One of the cases when I do not regret spoiling another person with my fetishes 😋
 Ha ha ha!!!!!!  😁
(19 Feb 2020, 18:22 )LeotardLover Wrote: Mine actually was through modeling, although I wasn’t a model… entirely.  

. . .

Anyway that’s my experience! Sorry for the long post!  😁

Please don't apologize, fantastic story! I might have seen you in that DKNY bodysuit, I purchased several back in the 1990s based on seeing an ad or that show. They were so soft and fit wonderfully.

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