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Bambi Sleep stuff - Like Ra - 22 May 2018

WARNING: The hypnofiles files below are very addictive and may cause permanent damage to your health and behaviour. If you listen long enough, the effects might be irreversible! Listen at your own risk and only if the effects are desirable! Beware of bimbofication and sexuality changing suggestions!

Everything about Bambi Sleep cult!

Bambi Prime Wrote:Bambi Sleep is a collection of intense feminization and bimbofication hypnosis recordings designed to turn the listener into a bimbo girl called Bambi. They are hardcore adult erotic recordings and should not be listened to by minors.

To avoid any misunderstandings about the intention of those files, by listening to them, you, basically, give your consent, that you might become:

Bambi Prime Wrote:dizzy, dumb cock-hole
helplessly dumb bimbo
perfect bimbo doll
helplessly brainless, blank and giggly
immediately incapacitated subject
completely obedient
a perfect whore for cock

And finally:

Bambi Prime Wrote:Bambi becomes completely blank except for cock. An irresistible trigger phrase is implanted deep into her mind. This trigger shuts her down completely so that her suck-hole can be used without resistance. When Bambi hears the trigger she becomes a blank mindlocked puppet with no will or awareness, no thoughts except for sucking and swallowing, and no ability to do anything but suck each cock she is presented with, until she is released.

There are reports, that Bambi training does get abused:

 BambiSleep-02.jpg thumbnail   
Official site:
Index of sessions and triggers:

Unofficial sites:
Bambi Cloud
On youtube:


Important posts:


Bambi Bimbodoll Conditioning Scripts
Bambi Enforcement Scripts
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Bambi Fuckpuppet Freedom Scripts
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Bambi Sleep in other languages:

Bambi Sleep in Russian - Бэмби на русском
Bambi Sleep in Chinese

Notable remixes:

Bambi Cock Goddess.mp3
Bambi Complete Enforcement - Loopable.mp3
Sleep Loop Uniform Lock.mp3
Bambi Lite

Fan series:

Better Bimbo Brainwashing - BBB
BambiTeacher - Bambi 24 Hours
BambiTeacher - Uniform Enhancement
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Bambi Harmony by Neptunian
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Bambi TikTok

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RE: Bambi Sleep stuff - Like Ra - 22 May 2018

Unofficial FAQ by u/prettyspirals666 (


Before listening, please consider if Bambi is the right thing for you. Deliberate behavioural modification can have long-lasting effects, especially if you are under 25. So please don't take the files lightly. This is an unofficial FAQ with info compiled from multiple sources and first-hand experiences


Bambi should be fun to listen to! You should always pay attention to your mental health and take breaks listening if you need it. If you find you're starting to not want to go to school or work or using hypno as an escape, find yourself struggling with addiction to any hypno file or if hypno is effecting you negatively in other ways, it's time to reevaluate your listening habits and reach out for support.


- Lay down comfortably in a quiet place with no distractions
- Turn your phone on do not disturb
- Do a few deep breathing exercises before trancing to help relax
- Wear headphones that are noise-cancelling
- Wear an eye mask used for sleeping to help relax or use a VR headset with programs like mind massaging machine or mindroid
- files take repeated listens daily to start feeling effects, for the normal person it usually takes 21 days to feel things noticeably
- being in a trance is deep meditation when the conscious turns off, it is like daydreaming. Falling asleep also turns off the conscious, and the subconscious is still active through the whole thing. There is no reduced effect to listening while you sleep other than you won't remember
- a daily mantra before listening to your files and 3 times a day will help you trance. Close your eyes and breath 5 deep breaths. Then count from 10 to 1, after every number say "I am going deeper and deeper". Then count from 10 to 1 and after every number say "I am becoming Bambi more and more" do this 3 times a day to see results
- if your mind wanders, you are still letting in the content. If your mind wonders, you are doing it right"
- Don't worry about clearing your mind.  Let thoughts come in, let them be there, and let them leave, but don't dwell on them. If you make them all gone, you spend all your focus on that instead of trance.
- Make sure you're fed, have enough water, and don't have to use the bathroom.
- Make sure you're not rushing against a deadline with the hypnosis, your brain will recognize that and not trance deep, just in case.
- Make sure you're somewhere you can be for a while. Bambi can be up to a 4-hour+ track!
- If you're sick, you probably won't be able to trance well.
- If you're too tired, you won't trance. The state of trance is just too similar to the state right before you fall asleep.

"Awake for sure and like everyone said, it varies. Hypnosis is a bit like learning to throw a ball, some people are just naturally, immediately annoyingly good at it.

Most though are a bit rubbish to begin with, but each and every time they practice, they learn how to do it a little bit better, they'll try different things and find out which techniques work for them and which don't.

Again some will progress quicker than others here but eventually with practice almost anyone can become competent.
You've aeady done the really hard bit at school, learning what all the sounds that form words mean, and what they refer to.

A yellow elephant for example is not something you've ever come across before, but you can picture it and 'know' it just from interpreting those words...

From there, hypnosis is just learning how to listen and process that information in a new way"

"It's okay to let your mind wander, but I think it's also important to realize when you're wandering and try to focus again. Either by focusing on breathing, or the voices, or heartbeat, whatever it is that usually helps you relax into trance. I do that too sometimes, where I let my monologue start back up and can bring myself back out of trance. Taking a second to re-focus and listen to the file again really helps, and I find it can even make me go deeper to ease back into it. I think everyone tends to go up and down in awareness throughout a trance."

"Breaks are suuuuper important, assessing why you are listening is just as, and breaks make that possible. Self-care is always a priority we should be taking as subjects in order to insure we are protecting our mental health and stability."


Is Bambi permanent?

No hypno conditioning is ever permanent. Nothing in the mind is permanent physically, chemically etc. Mindset is important when listening to the files. It's important to keep a mindset that the files aren't permanent. Bambi is a very powerful set of files and can awaken subconscious desires. Even after listening, those may stay because they were always yours.

Quotes from the Bambi files creator posted in Bambi cult server about permanence:

"The recordings are genuinely not intended to be permanent. There are suggestions that might come across that way, but if one actually listens rather than skimming through, they're contextually more about making the triggers or ability to become Bambi permanent, and are always followed by an implication that the effects end when not dressed up
yes, they're strongly worded, but that's just to make them as effective as possible. I've probably listened to them more than most here, and have never had problems with permanence. Caveat is I'm pretty difficult to hypnotize so, of course, those who are very susceptible should be careful as usual

The other thing I didn't quite anticipate is people listening to them without a uniform on. The sessions assume the listener is in uniform, and make them Bambi while listening. It's probably best to avoid listening except while dressed in a way one usually wouldn't, so that the effects aren't associated with the listener's "normal" state (I updated the FAQ to advise this)

Certainly to some extent the effects are predicated on the expectations of the listener, and for that reason, harping on about how they're "so permanent!" could perhaps do more harm than good, but to be clear, I'm not trying to be misleading, and have no ulterior motive. "

"I made these for myself and made them public because I thought they were good and that others would enjoy them (after a lot of earlier incarnations). I believe if one goes into them thinking the effects are not permanent, and not wanting them to be permanent, they won't be"

"Contextually-implied non-permanence is good enough for the mind to interpret if that's what the listener wants. I could do an explicit track if the focus was on making the effects stronger for those who are worried about possible permanence, but if they're worried it's not really going to work that way in the first place"

Quote from creator from official blogspot FAQ about permanence:

"Although the main transformation effects are powerful, they are not necessarily permanent. The listener will become Bambi only when dressed as a bimbo in sexy feminine clothing. It's advised listening to the sessions while dressed up as a bimbo: the sessions expect the listener to become Bambi for their duration, and it's important to properly link this transformation to the wearing of her uniform. Some addiction to the training and lasting desire to dress as a bimbo is to be expected. Don't let the temporary nature of the transformation fool you: the effects are intense, and repeated listening will result in drastic changes when triggered.

The sessions do include words like "permanent" and "forever", but this is always tied back to the clothing trigger, and the context is left vague enough that it can be interpreted according to the desires of the listener. The wording and nature of hypnosis is such that it should have the desired effect for any subject, no matter what level of commitment they wish to make. If the subject wants a temporary experience, they can interpret "permanent" as meaning "permanently triggerable" or "permanent when Bambi"; if they desire a genuinely permanent bimbo transformation, Bambi Sleep will certainly help that along."

Can Bambi be listened to by (insert gender here?)

Yes, the files are for anyone that wants to listen and become a bimbo/experience Bambi!

Quote from official Bambi blogspot:

"The Bambi Sleep sessions will be effective for anyone who wants to become a sexy bimbo girl, regardless of original gender.
All sessions at Bambi Sleep have heavy feminization elements, particularly designed to enforce femininity and transform the listener into a very good girl. However, they are not "sissy" hypnosis. Suggestions are worded to be gender-neutral throughout, and there are no explicit references to the listener's previous gender or anatomy.
Be aware that the sessions do associate many powerful triggers with being dressed in sexy feminine clothing. To avoid the effects being linked to their day-to-day attire, subjects who identify as female are recommended to listen while dressed in clothing they find sexier or more provocative than their everyday wear.
Many transgender listeners report enjoying the sessions. They are free of explicit humiliation and other "sissy" themes typical of this kind of material. However, the author is neither transgender nor an expert in gender dysphoria, and the content is nevertheless not exactly empowering. As always, use your own judgement."

Can I listen to Bambi if I'm not 18 yet?

No. Deliberate behavioural modification can have long-lasting effects, especially if you are under 25. So please don't take the files lightly.

Is Bambi harmful/bad?

Any hypno files can be harmful. You should always pay attention to your mental health and take breaks listening if you need it. If you find you're starting to not want to go to school or work or using hypno as an escape, find yourself struggling with addiction to any hypno file or if hypno is effecting you negatively in other ways sit's time to reevaluate your listening habits and reach out for support.

Can I listen to Bambi if I'm in a bad headspace/struggling with mental health issues?

It is not recommended to do so with Bambi files or any hypno files really if you are not in a stable place.

Quote from Bambi on the server:

"Any hypnosis file can be damaging/harmful if used in excess, or used by someone who is dealing with a lot of severe mental health issues. I work as a domme/content creator and one of the things I screen for with my clients before I ever do erotic hypno with them/files or IRL is is their mental health? Are they in a generally stable place, etc? Any program that might modify behaviour generally should be done when someone is in a stable place, so they can handle the effects (files triggering existing mental illness) and also, so they are able to notice if they are slipping into unmanageable mental thought loops or patterns of extreme avoidance where all they do is listen to files, and suddenly they don't want to go to school or work, and they have lost motivation to do other things that used to matter in their life etc. The Bambi files are certainly "notorious" as they were made with some powerful binaurals and using real hypnotic techniques...but many others are too, and I always like to drop in to remind people when I see these types of questions more so like cuz even if someone hasn't been hospitalized yet...there is always a possibility of it and there are things people can do to keep subs safe and also to like...keep yourself safe while listening as well so that doesn't happen to you.

Checking in with a close friend or even having a buddy on the server to check in with and make sure you are OK in a very vanilla way is one way to do that. It's fun to be like... I totally melted my mind the other day, but we all need someone to be like.... I first went to work or school yesterday, and I'm doing very good at that still, especially if you are doing heavy listening to files alone with no support IRL."

"The Empty suggestions take on a very different meaning when you are depressed.  A stable foundation is the best way 2 build a Bambi."

"No it doesn’t. It can, and will worsen some of your anxieties. It’s not a good idea to start Bambi to escape depression or anxiety. It’s a good idea to reach out and get professional help. Bambi will most likely make things worse."

"I always recommend listening when you are in a stable place cuz hypno can bring up a lottt of thingss. You never want to get stuck in thought loops and likeee if you are not able to fulfil Bambi's desires it will make things worse cuz of anxiety suggestions. There are a lottt of other files u can listen to that won't likeee program in negative reinforcements and likeee are probs better for someone dealing with depression or anxiety likee to not aggravate it. Likeee hypno is super unpredictable and likeee for every person that has had a positive experience often times someone has had a negative to the same extreme even with filesss more tame than bambii. It's best to likeee do what you can to get yourself in a place where you are feeling good before you do anything that involves likeee personality programming or major changes to your desires/lifestyle, cuz that upheaval and the often unpredictable changes can put peeps in a bad place fasttt cuz of loss of routines/feels that accompany/n loss of stability n predictability "

How often should I listen?

As often as you would like! Many Bambis listen to files every day, and some do it a few times a week. There is no right or wrong way to listen. The more you listen, the more you may be conditioned to respond to the files, depending on how susceptible to hypno you are. If you find yourself stressed about listening or needing a break, take it. Breaks are important!

Do I have to have a uniform to listen?

Not necessarily, but your uniform keeps Bambi separate from you and helps to keep Bambi stuff from leaking out into your normal life at unintended times.

Quote from a Bambi on the server:
"A few times is not going to kill u, but you really need one.  It will increase the effectiveness of the files dramatically and make them like totes safer.  Like a collar is a super good uniform, u should be able to pick one up for around $10 for a simple one and like u won't confuse it with ne thing else u might wear later down the line.  Like a lot of people wear panties as a starter uniform, but like if u decide to start wearing panties 24/7 under boy clothes like that might cause problems."

*Note scroll to uniforms section for more info on what to wear.

In the control loop files do I actually get up and do what the files say or just visualize it?

Either! Some bambis have been more comfortable visualizing actions while others are drawn to get up and act out the commands as told. Just have fun with it and see what works for you!

Can I listen while im asleep?

Yes just be sure the files you listen to don't have awakeners. If you listen to something that has an awakener while you sleep even if it doesnt wake you up it could disrupt your rem sleep. Listening while sleeping is a great way to deepen existing conditioning but it's not so good for learning new triggers so always introduce new files while you are awake. When you trance and you go deep your mind drops into theta and delta states which is similar to the same states you brain cycles through while sleeping. It's good to monitor the volume of your files if you listen to stuff at night to prevent hearing issues.

*Note files that are good to listen to while sleeping are suggested in the playlist section

Quotes from Bambis on the server:

"this stuff has been covered a lot, but the general gist is this.  sleep listening will work a bit, bun not as good as just regular listening.  But you also need to watch out for hearing loss"

"It takes time. I do this too, I leave a playlist of Bambi tracks at night. Thing is, most Bambi tracks are not as soothing for sleeping (like those rainy night audio tracks). There are a few training files that can be used in a loop; those are very good for this. Also, volume is a tricky thing: you may want lower volume to help you sleep better, but then you may not hear the background voices all that well.

Other than that, it's not easy to fall asleep with a voice constantly droning on you. My first night I kept waking up every two hours or so. Nowadays I can probably sleep five hours in one go. But those first attempts messed my daily schedule badly. Just make sure you have the time to waste, and if you want to commit, pay attention to those tips.
Check the Training Loops in the main blog; there's a file literally called "Sleep Loop". That's the best one, since it's a collection of voices put together in such a way that it feels like White Noise. Other files in that collection can help too, though I avoid any file with an included song section."

"Wellll technically when ur sleeping it's some of the same states of mind that ur in while ur trancing. Ur mind is never in one state while ur alseep it goes into deta n thelta states. So likeee while drifting up n down in sure ur subconsious mind will absorb bits n pieces of info just like when ur trancing...cus when ur in a deep trance ur mind is also drifting into those states. They have done brain scans on peeps who are under hypno and studied thissss it's kinda xool. So yeaaaa it's why I listen at night n likeee def found it likeee makes me feel better in the morning haha"

I blacked out/don't remember anything from a session is that normal?

Yes blackouts happen and the files have amnesia suggestions. Sometimes peeps trance too long/while tired and the end up falling asleep and that can feel like a blackout. If you awaken at the end of a file when it tells you but can't remember things you probably just blacked out. If you awaken long after the file ends and not with an awakener you were probably asleep. If you find you fall asleep a lot while listening try listening in a comfortable seated position instead of laying down.

Quotes from bambis on the server:

"blacking out != sleeping.  if you wake up at or around the end of the file you were blacking out, thats ok.  if you wake up 1/2 an hour after the file is over you were asleep, asleep is bad."

"blacking out and sleep feel similar, when you wake up will help tell if you were asleep or blacking out.  if you were asleep, sit up instead of laying down when you are trancing."

"Well all I know is that i always blackout at the start of the oblivion file when I do enforcement files + oblivion. Sometimes I'm in euphoria during the enforcement files, others I'm not but blackout always seems to happen on the oblivion file. I don't think I've ever heard anything but the start and finish of that file."

Bambi cult trigger lst

The sound of car windshield wipers wipes away her thoughts and makes her dumb. Given to her in IQ Lock.

Pop: There is a connection between the sound of a balloon being blown up and her thoughts entering a bubble, which will pop.

Almost every trigger has a finger snap sound, and a moan.

Maid Uniform - If Bambi is trained well with the file Perfect Bimbo Maid, whenever she wears a maid outfit she will be unable to resist her instructions. Like a constant Bambi Does as She is Told.

The sound of a bell - This one might be more personal, but after listening to Restrained and Milked, whenever I hear a bell, my thoughts kind of just shut off for a while, the sound drowning out my thoughts until it fades and I return to normal

The act of taking a selfie makes bambi reset. The word selfie is not a trigger itself. Not conditioned until superficial basic bitch.

When bambi finds a cute piece of clothing or something she wants to wear while shopping that induces a blonde moment. Not conditioned until superficial basic bitch.

Other things Bambi might get pleasure from but isn't an official trigger yet:
The phrase you can zip up now/zip up or the sound of a zipper. Its introduced in Superficial Basic Bitch and tied to the uniform lock trigger which is why many feel pleasure from those words/things.

The word puppetized/puppeted. Its introduced in Superficial Basic Bitch and many will feel pleasure cuz in the the part where Bambi is given satin strings to control her movements. Its was conditioned with the posture lock trigger/other body lock trigger/good girl trigger/snap and forget trigger depending on action Bambi takes as a way to make sure bambi has a good


A uniform is used in the files to keep bambii from coming out at unintended times. It's recommended you wear one every time you listen to the files.

A simple collar can be used as a uniform, sexy panties, or even a full sexy outfit. A lot of bambis choose a collar cuz it's easy to take on and off and because then they can still wear sexy clothes without possibly having bambi come out at unintended times.

Quotes from Bambis on server:

"Anything that makes you feel like Bambi will work, in my experience. The more I put on, the more I am affected. It could be anything that you choose to identify as Bambi. Personally, I use the same uniform over and over, but the files link anything revealing as a uniform especially in the more advanced tracks."

"btw PSA to all Bambis: the old self is still important. they are the ones that earn money and buy stuff for Bambi. don't get rid of them just cause you enjoy being Bambi"

"headaches can b a sign of rejecting suggestions, but like sitting up while listening is probably a good first step 2 prevent sleeping.  if she wakes up at the awakener she is likely not asleep, but just deep in trance, but it sounds like she was sleeping.  like having a separate uniform u only wear when listening is super important 2."


Our recommended playlist for beginners is 1,2,3,10

An alternate playlist to use to deepen the bs trigger would be 1,2,3, bimbo slumber, 10

An alternate playlist to use to deepen the gg trigger would be 1,2,3, bimbo pride, 10

An alternate playlist people on the server used to rly love that can be used to switch up sessions is 1,3,6,8,4,9. Then you can choose from options A, B, or C and end by listening with bimbo drift. The options listed are:
===Option A: Uniform Enhancer===
07 Bambi Uniformed
03 Uniform Slut Puppet
02 Perfect Bimbo Maid
===Option B: Bimbo Body Enhancer===
05 Bambi Body Lock
02 Cock Dumb Hole
03 Restrained and Milked
===Option C: Brain Drain Enhancer===
04 Bambi IQ Lock
02 Cock Dumb Hole
01 Blowup Pleasure Toy

If you want to listen while you sleep do deepen conditioning, fuckpuppet oblivion and the bambi sleep loop are great to sleep to.

Bambi Sleep stuff - Christina - 22 May 2018

I have to admit, I have been listening to Bambi sleep files.   Girl_in_love

RE: General hypnosis discussion - Like Ra - 23 May 2018

(22 May 2018, 23:06 )wilsd Wrote: I have to admit, I have been listening to Bambi sleep files.
And what about the results?

I think, you should be safe if the Bambi is limited by the uniform. But the recent files go well beyond any limits and suggest full personality replacement. I've got all scripts, BTW. Anybody interested?

RE: General hypnosis discussion - Christina - 23 May 2018

(23 May 2018, 00:28 )Like Ra Wrote:
(22 May 2018, 23:06 )wilsd Wrote: I have to admit, I have been listening to Bambi sleep files.
And what about the results?

I think, you should be safe if the Bambi is limited by the uniform. But the recent files go well beyond any limits and suggest full personality replacement. I've got all scripts, BTW. Anybody interested?

No changes yet, its a nice idea/fantasy but i think its unlikely to do anything.
Kind of like seeing ghosts, if you want to see one, you will.

RE: General hypnosis discussion - Like Ra - 27 Jun 2018

The "general consensus" claims that Bambi Sleep are the most effective files available now. This is a post on 8ch by the author of Bambi Sleep:

Quote:There's no magic bullet. This takes lots and lots of time and practice like everything else. I have probably 10 years' experience in audio production (mostly not kink shit) and almost as long writing hypnosis scripts on similar subjects for crappier earlier attempts that never got shared with anyone. I don't have formal training in any of this, though.

I do most of the audio work in Cubase, because that's what I know. The software doesn't matter as long as it's a real DAW (Ableton, Logic, etc). Audacity is not good enough, although I use it for editing raw samples.

Everything that applies to general audio production applies here. You can find information about that on any audio website, but it will take a lot of practice to get good at it anyway. You can't just shove everything in and hope for the best or you end up with K31.

You need to learn how to use EQ and panning to make space for elements in the mix. Learn how to use FX like reverb and echoes without muddying up the mix. The most important thing is to learn how to use compressors to make the main parts pop and blend the background tracks together.

Random tips: I put an almost imperceptible amount of reverb on basically every track. Don't overdo the FX on tracks that are loud or have constant activity. I compress all the background tracks together including all the FX tracks again and then sidechain that to the main voice so it stands out. One good trick you can use is to take a mono track and delay one ear by a few tens of milliseconds, which will separate it from centred sounds and make it sound like it's coming from inside your head on headphones (that's what I do for the looping side voices on all the newer stuff).

I get audio samples from random sample websites, youtube, the audiogonewild reddit, and occasionally from other hypnosis recordings. Youtube ASMR videos are often good for high-quality ambient samples.

For TTS I use TextAloud. It probably doesn't matter what software you use but I know that one produces high-quality wavs. The voices are Ivona Salli and Ivona Ivy. I haven't found any others that are as good. I used Neospeech Julie and Acapela Heather22 in some older stuff, they're OK I guess.

The main thing with TTS is the pronunciation will be garbage by default even on a good voice. The main tools you have to fix this are: switching between full stops and commas on the end of lines; inserting hyphens between syllables in the middle of words; changing spaces to hyphens between words; replacing particularly troublesome words with misspellings or phonetic versions. Each of these may or may not affect the pronunciation in some random way. You get a feel for it after a while, but it depends on the voice and it's never truly predictable.

I split my scripts out line-by-line according to punctuation marks since the text on one side of a comma/full-stop doesn't usually affect the pronunciation on the other side (in rare cases it can though, which sometimes trips me up). I'll relisten to some lines 20 or more times in different minor variations if they don't flow naturally at first until they sound right. Then you need to listen to multiple lines at a time to make sure they don't sound off one after another.

For scripts, I don't know if I can really say much. I learned from listening to other things and experimenting a lot. I can't articulate precisely what makes a script effective. Prerecorded hypnosis is difficult because you can't adapt to the state of the subject, you don't have the trust and expectation of a live session and so on. You have to fucking force it, don't waste time on things that don't contribute to the goal of the session in some way, make every word count, make it so hot they can't help but succumb to it. I'm pretty much masturbating the entire time I'm working on all this and it definitely slows the progress but it probably helps with coming up with wording that really gets to people.

I spend a lot of time QAing (trancing to) the recordings once they're mostly done and will iterate on some 5-10 times, re-ordering sections to work better, making sure all the other tracks sync up with the main script and don't cause problems, fixing pronunciation issues, shortening or lengthening sections or inserting more triggers so that there's never a bit that drags on too long or something the listener anticipates but doesn't end up happening.

I'm a difficult hypnosis subject and have spent years getting to the point where the stuff I make actually works for me, which probably explains why it seems to be quite effective in general.

If he listens to his own files so often, why didn't he become a permanent Bambi with the original identity replaced (like proposed in the files)?

RE: General hypnosis discussion - Christina - 28 Jun 2018

I’ve had quite a few sessions with Bambi Sleep now and I think its beginning to work, a definite interest in dressing in my uniform and a growing urge to suck c**k, quite worrying but thrilling at the same time.
I don’t want to stop.

RE: General hypnosis discussion - Like Ra - 28 Jun 2018

(28 Jun 2018, 19:15 )wilsd Wrote: I’ve had quite a few sessions with Bambi Sleep
Which tracks?

I only read the scripts (I can upload them here if anybody is interested), and I noticed, that right from the beginning the memory and IQ are getting erased. Scary stuff. The induction is borrowed from this file:

RE: General hypnosis discussion - Christina - 28 Jun 2018

I’ve been using bimbo doll conditioning, skipped IQ lock though after the first couple of times.
I have spent the last hour or so looking for some platform strappy heels, its definitely working.

RE: General hypnosis discussion - Like Ra - 29 Jun 2018

I avoid bimbo/penis-shrink/impotence/incontinence stuff at all cost. Last year I was unintentionally exposed to some bimbo suggestions and could not concentrate on a text (I simply did not understand the meaning) until next morning. Unfortunately Bambi is too bimbo-centric. Not for me... No way...

But it's extremely popular for some reason. It became a cult, what (according to my theory, read about egregors above) makes it work much more effective. Like a collective mind, that feeds on the energy of the "listeners".

I do follow the Bambi threads, though. I wonder where it goes, and what happens.

BTW, according to "the general consensus", wearing a chastity belt (and "nofap" mode in general) increases the effect dramatically.