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Spanking machine
Spanking machine

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Bambi Sleep Imagery
(22 Dec 2020, 22:46 )Selfexploration Wrote: I have ordered a full latex pink & see-thru suit that has an anal sleeve

Like this?

My dream!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-05.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-04.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-03.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-02.jpeg     transparent_total_encasement_latex_doll_catsuit_with sheaths-01.jpeg   
(26 Dec 2020, 04:17 )ULike Ra Wrote:
(26 Dec 2020, 03:49 )Selfexploration Wrote: Oh boy you must have seen the photos too then haha. 
If it's indeed you, then ... wow...

Mhhhh it is indeed haha 

[Image: VySLUYgd_o.jpeg]

[Image: NazpKKOX_o.jpeg]
[Image: kYnkMYjz_o.jpeg]
Real life  Barbie-Bambi-Bimbo - Lili Morto


lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-06.mp4 (Size: 1.45 MB )

lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-15.mp4 (Size: 5.13 MB )

lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-02.mp4 (Size: 2.84 MB )

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-01.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-03.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-04.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-05.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-07.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-08.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-09.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-10.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-11.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-12.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-13.jpg     lili_morto_barbie_bambi_bimbo-14.jpg   
Thanks you to encourage my bimbofication with good stuff like this.
Yes, Bambis, you are being transformed into

(31 Jul 2022, 03:04 )Like Ra Wrote: Yes, Bambis, you are being transformed into
[Image: post_2_1659232988_f61f56f80c550582c85bcf..._thumb.jpg]
Hmm, this is making me want to go back ...
Hello Bambi. Do you want to play? Good girl!

 pink_latex_Bambi-01.jpg     pink_latex_Bambi-02.jpg   
If you need more visual inspiration, I got you covered.

All images are AI generated.
The second to last one is extra weird (but that's very likely also someone's fetish, so ...)
Sweet nightmares dreams.

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 000087.3785315767.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000089.1478226283.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000078.2666862200.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000100.645070566.postprocessed (Benutzerdefiniert).png     000106.146213748.postprocessed_small.png   
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
Whose Bambi is this?



I hope not mine!
Picture... related :3
Just appeared in my feed. ❓🔗 ?

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Chaos is Fun…damental

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