Speaking of kids and bondage or Family vacations and fetish moments

A dialogue between me (M) and my daughter (D) in front of these cages in a German supermarket “Kaufland”:

M: I think they are for naughty kids. Their parents lock them up in the cages before going to the supermarket or a restaurant.

D: Just glue their mouths shut with sticky tape for they will be too noisy. And, yeah, gag them first with something… Under the tape…

M: You would need to use sticky tape on other protruding and wiggling parts of their bodies, for the gags will be undone in seconds.

D: No, not with the tape, or the clothes will become sticky. Just bind’em up with a rope.

Nice, eh?

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Stella van Gent did it again or what you can see in French supermarkets

sheer black pantyhose high heels leather mini skirt supermarketNowadays super- or hypermarkets have become a special place for testing various weird, fetish (like a latex mini dress), sexy, erotic, extravagant, naughty clothes, bondage and self-bondage attire and buzzing devices. It did not go unnoticed and a whole bunch of sites and photo blogs dedicated to “people of supermarkets” appeared on the Net.

The professional provocateurs do keep up. Look, for example, at Stella from Redoptics in a French supermarket. Can you beat this photo set with your experience? 😉

See 11 photos below.
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What’s wrong with candid photos? Or supermarkets, girls and pantyhose

Usually you do not expect high quality from a candid photo. Out of focus, with a tilted horizon, strange colour balance, overloaded channels, what else can go wrong? But the moment is captured. And the photo will remind you this moment for years.

Unfortunately for many candids, it’s mostly “the photographer” and ” the model(s)” who look at such photos with interest. Quite often you have to explain others what this is all about, and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s your own experience, your own memories, your own feelings. Your own perversions, if you want.

Of course, it would be nice if most candid photos were of high “professional quality” and “cultural and historical value” (think of Henri Cartier-Bresson). But… Anyway. We do our best, don’t we? Check the following forum thread. for a start: Candid photos of girls in pantyhose

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Spice it up, slow down or know your orgasm curve

vibrator passion pantsLong ago I began to collect various methods on how to spice up your daily life to make your daily chores less boring (see also this forum thread). Using vibrators is one of the most obvious methods. While you are cleaning your room, washing dishes, tidying plants, mowing grass or buying food in your local supermarket the small electronic beasts buzzzzz pleasure waves across your body.

Technical stuff first. How to keep vibrators in place? I see no problems with vaginal or anal stimulators. Just plug them in and turn them on. Tight shorts, pants, swimsuit, pantyhose would help. Keeping cock rings and penis sleeves in place is tricky. I would suggest latex pants with penis sheath. Put them on, then Continue reading “Spice it up, slow down or know your orgasm curve”