Garter top + Stockings = Old dream

It used to be my dream – a garter top or even a body with suspenders and stockings. I thought that every movement will be transmitted back and force by the lingerie and will be felt everywhere like silky caressing.

I only had an opportunity to try my wife’s leotard with suspenders I bought her as a present. It was not as good as I thought, but I still think that a good set can be very stimulating to wear. A garter belt is something completely different. And the top should not be made from latex (I used to have one – dissolved years ago), because latex does not slide but sticks to the skin.

Also I love the striped stockings top. Very simple, minimalistic yet produces a perfect visual effect. And I love the stockings.

Actually, I simply like the photo 😉

Thanks to Leo Lucky (G+)

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