t.A.T.u. and shiny pantyhose

t.a.t.u. shiny pantyhoseJust as the subject says: Russian duet t.A.T.u. (Lena Katina – Лена Катина and Yulia Volkova – Юлия Волкова) in shiny pantyhose. (No, they are not lesbian as it was massively advertised 😀 ).

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Elena Dementieva in sheer black shiny pantyhose or being in time. Part I

Elena Dementieva Елена  Дементьева in sheer shiny pantyhose“Vicis est viaticus” or “time is money”, we all know that. We all “leave something for later” from times to times. Sometimes it works, sometimes the consequences are dramatic or severe, but sometimes it’s just “too late” with no real pain or loss, but frustration and annoyance.

Here’s an example. I used to periodically check zentaioid.blogspot.com for new photos. I never saved any of them, because I was always within a pair of clicks from that site. The only exception I made for 3 (out of 10 or something) hi-rez photos of Elena Dementieva (here the wiki article, if you do not know who she is). Next day the site was gone with the only words “I’m sorry”. Of course, you can’t save everything and predict everything and be in time for everything, but still pity…

But back to Elena and why I saved at least three photos. How often do you see top sporters in pantyhose? And in sheer pantyhose? And in sheer shiny pantyhose? And in sheer black shiny pantyhose? Exactly.
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Singer Slava in shorts, shiny pantyhose and sheer body

Slava in shorts, shiny pantyhose and sheer bodyJust as the subject says. Her name is Slava (Слава) and she’s a Russian singer. As far as I know this photo was made during the “Moscow Fashion Week spring/summer 2008”.

What is the fetish sport #1? Figure skating,
Russian Ice Age or Pantyhose dance on the ice

Tatiana Navka in shiny pantyhose, stockings and skatesSee all Fetish Sport posts.

Figure skating was much more popular in the late 70s than now. To get more attention to both the sport and pop/show/any-other stars or celebrities a reality television show was created. In different countries it’s known under various names: Skating with Celebrities, Stars dance on the ice (Sterren dansen op het ijs), Ice age (Ледниковый период), etc.

But back to the fetish and particularly the clothes. Shiny extravagant leotards, tight unitards, even swimsuits, shiny pantyhose, stockings and, of course, the skates, a special version of high heels. Some figure skating stars become media celebrities, some non-official fetish stars. For example, Katarina Witt who (apart from just being a beautiful girl) many times shocked the judges and the public with her costumes. I still remember some of them!

What was considered way too sexy 20-25 years back would not surprise an average spectator today. Because… Hm… Look at the photos…

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Russian Ice Age or Pantyhose dance on the ice”

Lada Dance in extremely shiny pantyhose

Hey, pantyhose experts! Have a look at these two videos. I’ve never seen such shiny pantyhose. They are opaque, but at 0:28 (1st video) you can see toes with painted nails through them.

I think they do not look like Wolford Satin de Luxe
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Russian celebrities in pantyhose. Part II

Russian celebrities in pantyhoseSee the previous parts here.

Some interesting facts.

The black&white photos below (1984) show the band called “Bravo” (“Браво”) and Zhanna Aguzarova (Жанна Агузарова) in her shorts and pantyhose with lurex being arrested right on the stage for not having a proper registration. Actually, she forged her passport. Currently she claims, that she’s a martian. Fantastic voice, but wired to the moon.
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Russian Celebrities in pantyhose

VodonaevaRussian celebrities: Slusareva, Svetikova, Vodonaeva, Rasputina (Слюсарева, Светикова, Водонаева, Распутина) in various pantyhose and stockings.
12 photos.

Also, check tag Russian celebrities.
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