Lada Dance in extremely shiny pantyhose

Hey, pantyhose experts! Have a look at these two videos. I’ve never seen such shiny pantyhose. They are opaque, but at 0:28 (1st video) you can see toes with painted nails through them.

I think they do not look like Wolford Satin de Luxe

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24 thoughts on “Lada Dance in extremely shiny pantyhose”

  1. Le Bourget Nuit, not in production for ~10 years. Actually sewn from thin shiny biflex. I keep encountering ladies in such tights underpants sometimes.

  2. I still have Le Bourget (also Chantalle Thomas and Paulo Cuvali) biflex tights but they do not have this bold shine. But rather light silky smooth sheen like here:

    Wolford Satin de Luxe

    On the other hand, Lada’s pantyhose could have been made specially for her from shiny biflex.

  3. Ha, actually Le Bourget changed their line several times, and I do remember brown tights with … mmmm …. similar shine. All black ones were with “subdued” sheen.

  4. Mmm.. don’t think so, but the description looks promising:

    “The wet look appearance runs the full length of the leg and all the way to the comfy waistband. When you touch them, your hand almost slides off because of the shine and when the light catches them, you can’t help but stare. These tights are very thick and actually have a 90 denier appearance. ”

    Not sure about these pantyhose, but on the other hand Aristoc has lot’s of shiny pantyhose.

  5. I think you should buy a pair or two, tie yourself up in while wearing them, take a picture or two, and give us a full review! 😉

  6. Not a bad idea at all 😉 Though I would prefer to have a look at them in person first. You know, all this market hype… “Latex leggings!!!!” made out of coated lycra, et cetera… What they call “wet look” or “latex” is what they think that would look like. As you can see in the last picture the texture is not up to be called “wet look”. (the price is about 16€)

    By I would certainly buy the old discontinued Le Bourget and Chantalle Thomas pantyhose I still use to tie myself up 😉

  7. Thanks again TieUpTime! The correct name/model of these beautiful pantyhose is Fogal 511 Rapallo. Search engines can’t find any info about them, what is strange. They are still in the Fogal list. They look fabulous, but do not shine like the ones Lada was wearing. The lighting can do unbelievable things, but I’m not sure about that strong shine.

  8. @hardcore1: could be the dusen opaque satin. You have also the platino luxe fata.Both are made in the same fabric!

    Are you sure about the dusen?

  9. @hardcore1: could be also the calzedonia gloss opaque.
    Calzedonia has several shops in several countrys. Only possible to buy local. The shops I emailed to (months ago) they confirmed it was the calzedonia tight.

    probably the calzedonia is inthe same look like the dusen/platino.

    Now these days will the new collection arrive of calzedonia and I hope these are back in collection.
    Previous time I was too late to buy one (I person would bought them for me but they were already sold out)

    I hope this helps.

  10. @hardcore1: yes, that’s the one I mentionned. But in my country (Belgium) there is no Calzedonia shop. I hope you have more luck finding these. There was a movie on youtube with these tights but is set to private.

  11. yeah there very hard to get these type of tights maybe be youll have luck getting these in the future all the best if i find out more a’l let yous know thanks

  12. couldn’t find these calzedonia gloss tights anymore. And not in the new collection.
    Bought about 2weeks ago a simulair one from falke in a local shop!
    But no name on the special package, only cat. number and after a search they don’t make these anymore…

    I saw in the new collection from the french Chantal Thomass the pantyhose MAGNICHIC. Looks like the one from calzedonia/falke when I read the discription.

    So now trying to find one, my french isntt that good.

  13. How are the Platino de fata tights? I have tried long johns, everything, and only a teeny selection of brands are available(that are any good) It seems that they assume men want a scratchy garment, and are doing the same trick to womwn too. I plan on trying the thick jogging suit this winter, but I don’t know how the comfort will be. Maybe it is better to have something glossy and opaque under jeans instead of bulk. Long Johns I have tried too.

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