How do you wear your pantyhose? Over or under high heels?

While some are still busy trying to decide how to wear underwear with pantyhose (over, under or no underwear at all), here’s a new dilemma: how do you wear your high heels: over or under pantyhose? 😉

Thanks to corwin74

4 thoughts on “How do you wear your pantyhose? Over or under high heels?”

  1. Yes, I’ve worn tights over my stiletto heels. It’s not easy to keep them in that position, as the metal part of the heel always rips through the tights and exposes the shoe – especially if you’re walking outside. You can do it easily enough if the heels on your shoes don’t taper to a point and if your tights are long enough! They’re fun to wear like that for photoshoots and for bedtime play though! I do that quite often!
    Kate C

  2. I’m so turned on by this photo. For quite a long time now, I’ve enjoyed pantyhose encasement and have always made sure that I encase my heels too. I always keep a pair of semi-opaque pantyhose until last, and then slip them on over my heels afterwards. They have to be semi-opaques (or full opaques) as sheers just rip when they come into contact with the sharp stiletto heel. The feelings and excitement are sensational!

  3. i love wearing my open crotch bodystocking over my highheels while wearing pantyhose on my top end . i save pantyhose with runners & walk & stand all over them with my heels as well & omg .

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