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If you do not have a transparent latex catsuit, use the 22 photos below to help your imagination.

I bet what you would do first, is what Bianca did in this photos set: posing and touching yourself. Taking photos is a must, of course (do not forget to post them in the forum!)

But… one warning specifically for men: beware of body hair. Transparent latex will not hide anything. Moreover, it will exaggerate everything you would want to hide and will add nasty monsters – air bubbles.

Though air bubbles are not always bad. Just make them big! For example, by adding a pair of latex sheets to the picture. The air bubble will let you breath for some time while your remotely controlled photo (or video?) camera is saving the “fetish moments of your life”. BTW, if you have a standalone flash try to place it behind the latex cocoon facing the camera (back-light).

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