Kova & T latex clothing (Oxy leggings, etc)

Kova  & T latex Oxy leggings and unitardYeah, latex… Of course… Genuine 80% nylon/20% spandex “latex” made by Kova&T founded by Dasha Zhukova (Даша Жукова, new wife of Roman Abramovich) and Christina Tang. Their clothes product line consists of simple and comfortable things like t-shirts, (skin tight) jeans, mini-dresses. Soft, flexible (in all senses), a bit oversized (not the legware) and yet again comfortable to wear everywhere. Nothing extraordinary, but there is one famous feature in their collections – shiny wetlook lycra/spandex. Or as “called by many” for some reason – latex.

Latex Oxy leggings (spotted on Nicky Hilton, Ashley Olsen, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss and “many others”), latex Loree unitard (yes, unitard!!! see the photo below), latex high waisted shorts, latex high wasted skirt and latex bags can be bought here on eBay. Note the word “latex”.

Indeed, if you (quite understandably) don’t want to wear genuine latex stuff, go wetlook lycra. It will not be cheaper, though (See also Part I and Part II. But definitely more practical and almost as “fetishy” and sexy (from some distance) as latex (Click here to check the price).

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  1. I forgot to mention, the leggings from PVC-U-Like have foot straps and therefore the length really matters. I ordered L and that is slightly short for me (1.83cm). It would be clever to ask the seller before ordering, I will do that the next time. Perhaps they can even make it to size – or rather to length.

  2. It should be possible to edit these comments! I have those leggings and it is great quality. Very shiny, a bit squeaky, strong material which feels like lycra on the skin, and is soft poleurethane on the outside. I will have the foot straps removed by my tailor and then they should be fine, just a bit shorter than most other leggings.

  3. My tailor came up with a very simple solutions for the leggings: He will insert an additional rubber band at the foot straps. This will allow the crotch to go up and the legs will still be pulled straight. This is one of the few items where I would prefer male size.

    By the way, there is cb-fashion – http://www.cb-fashion.de – having a nice selection of leggings in various shapes, colours and fabrics. Price are way below latex. I will tell you about the “Lack Leder Optic Leggings schwarz” as soon as they arrive.

  4. Strappado ” wrote:

    It should be possible to edit these comments!

    I think it’s possible to edit comments if you register and I add you as a contributor. Never tried that, though.

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