Maryna Linchuk in shiny blue pantyhose(?)

In Russian Vogue (June 2008) Maryna Linchuk (Марина Линчук) appeared in beautiful blue almost latex like shiny pantyhose but with no information about the model/brand. There is another photo where she’s wearing a blue Bal Togs lycra/nylon catsuit (custom made).

I wonder if “the pantyhose” are actually “the catsuit”. The colour and shine are a bit different (colour balance?) and I would expect more wrinkles on tights when legs are bent (Photoshop?).

One thought on “Maryna Linchuk in shiny blue pantyhose(?)”

  1. now those I would wear love royal blue tights like that do have these just not glossy like those I love the glossy ones like above will look to see if I can get a pair like those


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