Men’s fashion – sheer black shiny pantyhose with shorts.

Wearing shorts with (usually shiny) sheer skin or tan coloured pantyhose is something I’ve got used to. This is what I wear during spring, simmer and autumn. I can’t imagine myself without pantyhose. This is something I consider “normal” or, rather, “usual” clothes. Sometimes I forget that I wear “pantyhose in public” (WOW! A man is wearing pantyhose in public!! Nah… nothing like that. Nobody cares, nobody notices).

But look at Hikaru Mukai from Tokio. He’s made a huge step forward – he wears sheer black shiny pantyhose with shorts. (Yes, in public. Who cares what you wear at home 😉

He says nothing about how people react (apparently there is no “interactive reaction”), but you can see on the photos that people do “notice him”.

Do you dare? 😉

20 photos below. Thanks to Hikaru Mukai.

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5 thoughts on “Men’s fashion – sheer black shiny pantyhose with shorts.”

  1. Your legs are most lovely in the swimming pool shot.Right on with your bad self.

  2. I wear all colors and styles love the glossy ones most of all mostly wear at home or under my pants when out


  3. Pantyhose look good om men and women
    wear them whenever you wish, they look good
    that what most people will say.

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