Fetish Gyms, forced walking, treadmills and self-bondage

This is an animated ponygirl version of Daikinbakuju’s treadmill. Have a look at the design of the treadmill – it’s not possible to fall down.

Some ideas:

  • You can be bound to the handles. For example, by a crotch rope.
  • You can add a properly sized “insertable”
  • Hands can be pulled up and bound to a hook in the ceiling
  • An interesting idea would be a vibrator wired to the treadmill. The faster the person goes, the more powerful it vibrates
  • Add a latex catsuit and a latex hood – and you do not need any diet!
  • Good method to teach yourself how to walk on high heels

3 thoughts on “Fetish Gyms, forced walking, treadmills and self-bondage”

  1. I like to force my slave Girls on a treadmill but I dressed them in a tight corset and neck corset as well. It’s fantastic to see them Walking on high heels.

  2. No doupt, very fantastic, you re so lucky man. Please, show some “provements” to us less lucky..

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