Fetish gyms

Either Mr. Daikinbakuju reads my mind (with some delays, though) or the idea is too obvious. A year ago I mentioned treadmills and now he came up with this drawing.

I hope I’m not the only one with the idea of fetish gyms, fetish learning centres or any other places that could be easily combined with fetish or bondage. Such places would definitely stimulate me to go to the gym regularly or to start learning another language. Why not?

So, for the time being I’m on my own trying to spice up boring stuff:

  • skating in shiny pantyhose and latex suit (not hidden by outer clothes)
  • jogging in swimsuit and pantyhose (under trousers and t-shirt)
  • exercising in a swimsuit and pantyhose at home

BTW, I found wearing pantyhose with leotard very comfortable while doing the same exercises I was doing wearing a kimono (gi) or standard sport outfit. Dancers are not that stupid. Pantyhose prevent sticking everything to the sweaty skin, keep  warmth, allow to move freely, swimsuit/leotard keeps panthose in place. And together (unlike wide loose clothes) they do not hide wrong positions, movements, stances, etc, but quite the opposite – reveal all the errors.

Must confess, I take advantage of being home alone and I can wear anything without being accused in  “political incorrectness”. So, I’m not sure if I continue to jump around in black sheer pantyhose and waterpolo swimsuit when my family is back from vacation. Even our cat look at me with wide open eyes. That returns us to the idea of fetish gyms.

Four variants of the picture (just in the case if DeviantArt decides to remove them):

4 thoughts on “Fetish gyms”

  1. It’s not that I read your mind or anything. The whole treadmill thing was commissioned to me from someone.

  2. This is so unreal. Please, can someone tell some real story or post photos like on these pictures from real life. Sorry if not..

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