DIY latex/silicone briefs for $1, Lockable clothes or Swim caps Part II

As we saw in Swim cap bondage or Swimming as a fetish sport again latex or silicone swim caps have some unusual and unexpected potentials. Now let’s explore the subject further.

As you can see on the photos below, you can make latex (or silicone) swim briefs in 5min and for $1 (see the eBay prices) and in any colour! In the simplest case, all you need is a swim cap and scissors.

If you (like me) are not “sewing and cutting” savvy, you may need a French curve an a pen. And for more “professional” look&feel take a sharp knife, look around for the existing designs or use your imagination and go!

Some ideas and tips to start (and continue) with:

  • There are different slip/briefs designs: tanga, g-string, full-seat, etc.
  • Buy several caps and experiment.
  • Silicone and latex feel different. E.g. silicone (and chlorinated latex) does not pull hair. Chlorinated latex is much more slippery than usual latex and silicone.

If you can glue latex, there are more possibilities. You can:

  • Reinforce the edges (e.g. by folding them)
  • Make a cock ring (cut a hole and make the edge thicker)
  • Add a penis sheath (cut a hole and glue a penis or ball sheath)
  • Make two layer briefs – the inner briefs will have a cock ring, the outer briefs will cover the cock. You can glue both layers together or use them separately.
  • The penis sheath can be between two layers
  • Add a butt plug or a dildo. Either glue it directly to the single-layer, or cut a hole for the plug in the inner layer and glue it to both inner and outer layers.

And finally, if you can wrap the edges around a metal cord (better coated), you can make lockable briefs and/or a “chastity device”. See this tutorial on DIY lockable cords. A good candidate for the lockable cord is the cock ring.

And finally – put the brand new latex briefs on and go swimming! One downside (for some of us) – nobody will notice anything ;-D

Think about a DIY latex hood and if you have any ideas, related pictures, drawings, etc, upload them in Swim caps and DIY latex and silicone gear forum thread.

Thanks for the photos to Tex La (facebook).

One thought on “DIY latex/silicone briefs for $1, Lockable clothes or Swim caps Part II”

  1. great idea of how to make briefs from a swim caps 🙂 i’ll start watching for swim caps in my town

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