What is the fetish sport #1?
Swimming, Jaked suits or kids and fetishes

We have already touched the “water-sport” (pun intended). See Water polo and Diving and now let’s discuss the original and “simple” swimming.

Just like pantyhose, one piece swimsuits were one one my earliest fetishes since I was 6 or something. So probably my meaning is biased. (Ha! Like I care!). During shopping with my parents or grandparents in the late 70’s I remember myself looking for swimsuits hanging on racks. But despite I could easily touch them, they were way out of my reach. And I could only dream of them.

When I was 10 I invented a simple way to make a one-piece swimsuit: a t-shirt, briefs and pins. I put on mother’s pantyhose, a t-shirt, briefs (on top of pantyhose, of course) and pinned the t-shirt to the briefs. My next invention was pinning pulled to the armpits pantyhose to the same t-shirt thus making a catsuit or a unitard. Yeah, I was a clever naughty perverted boy 😉

In 80’s the fabric used in swimsuits changed dramatically. It became thin, tight, silky smooth and very elastic. At the age of 13 I got my first swimming trunks made out of lycra. Immediately they became a huge fetish object I used in my self-bondage games along with borrowed pantyhose.

A year later in my parents drawer I discovered a Japanese One! Piece! Lycra! Swimsuit! A first swimsuit I could wear! That was both a revelation and a revolution. I got what I secretly craved for years! The sensation of the silky lycra against my tender parts was unbelievably erotic. Something every man should try. Lycra briefs or swimming trunks are absolutely different. It must be a high quality one-piece swimsuits.

The swimsuit was not tight enough for my games and I used to short shoulder straps with rope or wore them criss-cross. On the other hand, it did not fit my mother, so I was the only wearer! I devised many ways to enjoy the suit (you can find some of them here) and I kept the suit until it almost disintegrated in 2005.

Funny enough, my first association with swimming is a swimsuit, but the first several associations with a swimsuit have nothing to do with swimming 😉

Then came new materials and new suits. For example, Speedo s2000, Speedo LZR, Speedo Fastskin, and now the ultimate suit – Jaked.

The fabric used in Jaked suits is 100% polyurethane coated polyamide. It’s absolutely opaque (though they look transparent), such suits do not require to wear underwear and do not have “optical” crotch panels. The suits are VERY tight and require lots of time and efforts to put them on (see the photos). As a side effect – they do tear.

The average price for a full suits is about 380€, but i don’t think you can buy them. Check this eBay link periodically, I hope some suits will leak onto the auction.

And Jaked suits reveal more than they hide.

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Swimming, Jaked suits or kids and fetishes”

  1. cool! stephanie the aussie is really hot 🙂

    whats with that suit though, is it supposed to have a hole near the butt? or is that a rip

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